Tuesday, May 30, 2006

SPE Technical Lunch

Thanks to Ume for retrieving these pictures from the petroserver. Sapa yang aku lupa gtau and thanks for showing up.


Monday, May 29, 2006

PESA Technical Lunch

"Use of high resolution gravity and magnetic data in the Gippsland Basin".

Speaker: Peter Nicholls, Gippsland Offshore Oil.

When: 12:00 for 12:30pm, Tuesday June 13th 2006

Where: Bowlers Club, 95 York St Sydney

Cost: $20 as students
If they ask you if you're a member, lie and say yes.
Respondez S'il Vous Plait: pcooney@romtech.com.au

My comments: This is probably a good event to go to, i haven't really gone to a PESA lunch as of yet though. This is an industry level lunch, the topic is a lot more technical than what was presented in the SPE lunch and that opens up a nice scope for new learnings.

For me, this is just a week from my exams. So i'll be swimming in fat chances to go to the lunch, unless i'm subjected to peer pressure. But for you, who has possibly more time and the drive to quash your Shell competitors (for bragging in acitivites list to HPD or CSS), have a go, by all means.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Petroleum Engineering News Update

Ola guys...

Just a few updates on what's going on with the Petroleum Engineering Society at Uni.

All are invited!

It'll be a good exposure to the world of oil and gas industry. So Come!

Event 1: PESS Pizza + Drink + Informal talk Gathering

Guest Speaker : Dale Koenders, PetEng from Sydney Gas.

Venue : TBA
Date : 24th May 2006
Time : Commences from 1pm onwards

Cost : $2

For more information, email : petroheads@hotmail.com

Picture does not represent actual topic for presentation.

Event 2:SPE-ExxonMobil Technical Lunch

"West Kingfish Drilling-Overcoming the Challenges"

Venue : Square Room, BlockHouse
Date : 29th May 2005
Time : 12 - 12.30pm

Cost : $20/student

Please confirm attendance by Wednesday 24th May 2006.

See you there!
-Blergh..Posted this up coz of peer pressure-

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Overseas Health Cover

Masyati emailed me 2 days ago. For those having trouble getting the cover, We're covered by worldcare, at last.

Just waiting for that email for us to pick it up.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


There was an ISOC bbq last week. There was a religious talk prior to the barbeque. I didnt goto the talk, but guess who did:

Original image owned by the ISOC UNSW. I'd write to them for permission but i'm a tad bit too lazy, at least i credit this image to them.

Rajin kamo ato. At least we have representations. Di harap ilmu menjadi pelita dalam kehidupan kamu dua. Huhuhu


Originally uploaded by m1904.
Pictures masa di neptune palace 2005

Saturday, May 13, 2006


attn: this is an announcement

Hjh Jaitun frm HPD kirim salam arah semua students d Sydney. Katanya kalau ada problem telpun or e-mail saja kedia.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bowling with Malaysians

Hi guys, despite our tussle with the Malaysian government who is drilling exploratory wells over 'Block H' offshore South China Sea which happens to be within 260km claim of Brunei Darussalam exclusive economic zone (to malaysian readers *ahem ahem*), let's put aside those politics and establish good relations with them.

This is why the Bruneians have been invited to a social game of bowling with the UMNO society here.

What: Social bowling game
When: 27th May, 2pm
Where: Randwick bowling alley
How much: Not much (i dont know, but it wouldnt be much)

RSVP by this weekend to confirm your name. I strongly suggest you guys come, i will, i hope. It's high time to get to know these guys.

Post coming up soon: The ground rules for authors.

Capo di tutti Capi Mafioso Bruneioso


By the way, i just found out KFC at myers city is HALAL. Someone needs to go there and verify this. My friend told me so, they saw the halal certificate.

By the way, please post up announcements only. This isnt a blog

Lost and found

Cinderella's shoe yoo..im looking for the person who owns this shoe. Contact me asap! :D sapa tau urngnya kana CIUM ulih cinderella!


Monday, May 08, 2006


ok got this from ummi..

Lawrence is inviting everyone to watch X-MEN3~

Date/Time: 26th May / 7PM
venue: RITZ Cinema,The Spot
ticket : $8

Bayar ticket arah Lawrence

k thnxbi


I've sent invitations to every 3rd and 2nd year students (if i haven't, inform me). I'll send invitations to first years in due time. (slowly, im a bit lazy)

Procedures to become an author:

a) Register for a blogspot account. Just go through all the steps, including making your own blog (you can delete it later)

b) Go to the e-mail i've sent you and click on the link

c) On the page, click on 'accept invitation'.

d) Start posting and start making a difference.

Please accept them if you want to post something up in the site.

KFC till you drop

Our journey will not have a ferry ride, air transport or any fancy transportation facilities you can think of but I'm quite sure it'll be a trip worth going. The things to consider to make up your minds:
  1. Are you hungry for HALAL KFC?
  2. Is your money in your piggy bank worth more than the train ticket for those juicy, tender KFC wings?
  3. Is your cooking gonna be better than the KFC meals we are gonna buy on that day? *cause takeaways are for personal use only*
PS: For anyone who wants to know where we're going. I suggest you look at the map i attached with this blog. Just follow the dark orange line labelled "Bankstown line" from central and then drag your finger until you reach Punchbowl. Or better yet it's on grid C4.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I love the smell of blood

Adib has scored a sweet deal on some paintball action. A$64 for a package to be divided to 8 or 16 players. Which means you'll pay about $8 to $4 for some paintball action pending on how many people are joining in.

Before you guys jump in orgasm, a couple of things to consider:
a) Paintball is in Mount white. Approximately 40km up north from city centre. However, site is accessible through public transport. Transport will cost an additional $$
b) Price includes gear and venue hire. Paintballs costs a monstrous $25 for the first 100. Any additional paintball costs will depend on how much we can save on bulk.
c) Date for the acitvity isn't set. It will be if you locos commit to coming. This is valid til december 2006.

  • Place: Mount White
  • Price: I estimate around $35-$45 (it's still damn cheap) including transport and more paintballs.
  • Date: tbc. Pending on everyones commitment
  • Other things needed: Real balls
Contact Person: Adib

KFC Slug Fest

In life, one must make a pilgrimage
This trip is one such pilgrimage. travelling a long way just for Halal KFC

Location: Punchbowl
Transport: 20 minutes Train app. A$5 return
Date and time: Proposed on the 13th or 14th May. Ask Dauz, he's organising this.

Other things to do:
Despite an appetising name, theres not much stuff to do there. It's a distinctly middle eastern dominated area. You can buy nuts and dried fruits there.

Or if you're loaded, you can buy a shisha pipe for us =)