Saturday, November 24, 2007


As of November 23rd, Hadee Yusfadillah will be appointed new admin of bass-box. He's got the option of appointing a co-admin for this site, up to him. Hadee has shown me a bright vision for bass box website and i spare no hesitation in picking him as the new admin. Any objections are welcomed and will be funneled back into your ass.

Aside from designing, Hadee also enjoys harassing sea gulls

Hadee, check your blogspot dashboard.. those admin previleges should be kicking in soon. and congratulations!

Theres also a need for positions on Funding officer and as well as Treasurer for bass (with a lot more positions to come.. in which it will form the skeleton for a main committee). I'll discuss the scope of responsibility with the seniors and offer those positions to anyone soon!

In the meantime, havea nice holiday,

Aruba~ jamaica~ UUuu i wanna take ya~


Sunday, November 18, 2007

BruOz BBQ!!

HHey all,

I have the BruOz games BBQ tickets... so please RSVP to me... they're AUD$3.50 or BND$5.00 per person.

Just as a reminder:

When: 22nd December 2007, 11 am onwards.
Where: Muara Beach

Here are my contacts, Just in case you don't already know my numbers:
Aus: 0424400959
Bru: 8643525

(Man, i gotta edit this post after ticket sales... haha... abis number ku jadi tontonan ramai)

Please bring anyone~ untuk memeriahkan suasana..

For those approaching the end of exams... hang in there... and good luck! (I'm not 'heartless and cruel' like someone we all know..) hehe

For those that are already done... the fourth years... congratulations... and the best of luck to all of you XD

To everyone's that going home this summer.. have a safe trip home and enjoy the holidays...

P.S. holiday tu holiday jua... baik kamu training for BruOz games. hahahaha... GO GO GO DRM and DRL(?)!!!!

not yours,
Fiqah =)

Friday, November 16, 2007

its BBBowlinggg timmeeeee

Assalamualaikum n hi guys..

Exams r almost over... y dun we play bowling to relieve all the pain we ve been thru out dis semester? :P i noe some of u guys r pro out there so y dun show off ur skills :PP bah bring it on :PP so yeah ive reserved da place. its $5 per game for da member ONLY.

how to apply for da membership?
simply go to n juz fill in da form FOR FREE. u cn collect da card b4 da game. pls come before 4.30pm.

when: Thursday, 22nd November 2007 (y thursday? becos da rate wil be expensive on fri, sat n sun)

venue: Moore park @ fox studio.

game starts: 5pm onwards.

I already booked for 2 games n 2 lanes. if u guys r addicted to it, u cn continue playing til u drop. if many ppl r coming, maybe we can ask for another lane. pls let me noe whose coming before monday so i can decide how many lanes we will use. pls pay me $10 before thur.

for more info, call 0410716790. pls confirm me thru sms cos ive no internet at home huhuhu..

Gudluck for ur exam.. hope to c u there. ur presence will be appreciated :D


Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Hey you guys, sorry for the late post. Anyways, I've been asked to informed you guys that the poll results are in and the winning logo you guys chosen is shown below:

Create polls and vote for free.

The logo you all picked is HADEE BASS LOGO E with 46% of the votes followed closely in second place by AIRUL BASS LOGO A with 36% of the votes. Thank you all for for voting and taking part. The logo has already been submitted for the BruOZ games in it's final version shown below:

This will be the current logo for BASS until further changes are made. Again, thanks for your participation and keep checking up BASS BOX for updates and events. Good luck to all who are having their examinations. Cheers

Yip Yip Yip!

Hi gang,

Hope you all are suffering from your exams cause i am a heartless cruel dude.

I just received great looking bass t shirt designs from Liv. For those of you dont know Liv, shes the (former) Bruneian party queen of Sydney (hahaha, jan marah, m'am).

I love them designs, liv! the site sure gone dead.

Congratulations to the rest of 4th years and 3rd years for finishing most of their assessments. good luck to others.




Friday, November 02, 2007


Hey peeps!

Week 14 has finally bid farewell. So let's welcome stuvac with a day out at the beach! I'll jump straight to the point, avoiding long wordy lengthy post. So here's the deal..

What: BASS's family picnic (ha!)
Where: Coogee Beach.
When: Sunday, November 4th. 10am (yes, you read that right.. morning!)

Do bring along yummy (healthy & junk) food, some drinks, any necessities you might need (shades, beach towel, sun block, yada yada yada..) & some cash to get yourself a dose of mouth watering gelato from the famous gelatissimo.. & We'll see how long we want to stay under the sun. =)

As much as it all sounds like a perfect day out, everything is still subject to the weather.

See you all on Sunday (hopefully).

&& a msg from one of the logo inventors..

"The bass logo polls will close tonight at midnight, so to those who haven't voted please do it now. The winning logo will be announced some time tomorrow morning."

Thanks muchos.