Monday, June 25, 2007

Pesta PAT

Greetings fellow bruneians who have mostly been relocated to Sydney by force or due to financial/family pressure. (If you are here by your own accord, studying petroleum engineering, then we think that you are an idiot.) We are excited to bring to you the first ever Pesta PAT sponsored by an unknown source from Brunei Darussalam, possibly some alcohol and recreational drug distributors.

The mighty Siti Confidential, the most indie-uncelebrated bruneian band of the past decade, is coming back from hiatus and is set to play on the date! (they’re so indie that if you ever heard of them you’d have be lying because even the band members question their own existence)
And jamming is not all that will be at the gig. There will be free food, and the first ever free barbecue to date! With lamb chops! It has been far too long since we last had lamb chops. Other free consumables include the staple chicken wings, prawns on a stick, sausages and more of the staple and always economical chicken wings!

Once we announce the date, tickets will not be on sale through ticketek. We hope to see you there! Tickets are free for most earthlings (minus the vietnamese).
We have been putting this together for a while now, and we gotta thank all the killer artists for signing on to what is sure to be one stupid stupid stupid party. (And no thanks to The Saq for completely blowing us off.)

Oh, and the festival theme?? HATS & BALLOONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not really, but bring balloons, please. For me. And no caps! Tudongs don't count either.

Date: 26 June 2007
Venue: The Balcony, 27/402 Anzac ParadeDoors
open: 4pm

P.S. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh jeeze it’s tomorrow!” That’s right it is, so you better be running off to your nearest supermarket to find them balloons or your nearest Route 66 for that cap that makes you look oh-so-glamorous.

Not Yours,

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Coffee, Tea or Me?

From your proclaimed anti-social admin, :)

July 22, I have come to tell you,
A Sunday it will be,
The Rocks Aroma Festival, you see,
But will it be coffee, tea or me?

Coffee, chocolate,
Tea and spice,
A cup for a dollar and everything nice,
A day worth it definitely,
But will it be coffee, tea or me?

Not only that, ada banyak lagi!
Strawberry fondue, jagung and chocolatier delights,
Cooking demos, live music, beautiful sights,
Guarantee siuk ni,
But will it be coffee, tea or me?

So from 10 to 5, on the 22nd of July,
Hope to see you, bring along your crew,
Me, You, They, We,
Chocolate, coffee, tea or me?

Airul, Firdaus, Aimi and I had a great time at last year's coffee event and hope I'll see you there this year. For more info, go to

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trip Cancelled & Pictures around uni

As you guys can see for the past few days, the weather has been absolutely insane. There's no sign of this stopping so i'm cancelling the Manly trip. I'll organise it once weather has settled down.

In other news, i took a few interesting snapshots on my way to library in the cold dark weather, enjoy.

Victims of Sydney's outrageous winds for the past few days

This is one of the most depressing sights i've seen all week. They've cut down one of the big 4 trees in the library lawn. Why? I dont know, maybe disease. But it was a really sad sight to see a mighty tree brought down.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Manly to Spit trip

Not cool.

Just had a look at future forecasts, and its not looking too good with few expected showers. I'm not comfortable doing the walk even if theres a slight rain. Just in case the forecast is wrong and its a nice weather,

Meet up at the circular quay wharf at 10am. No later.
Sun sets at 5pm these days, we'd want to enjoy the walk on day light.

Your checklist:
Wear sport shoes, loose clothes and apply sun screen, even on cloudy days.
Please have some breakfast before you come, you will thank me.
Bring your swimmers, extra clothes, lunch and a happy face!

HSE Matters:
-Watch out for slippery areas that you might step on.
-A wet rock is not a place to jump around. I got injured last time doing that.
-As much fun as a ferry ride can get, take a few moments to emergency procedures.
-Australia has satanic creatures.
for eg. If something has 8 legs, small, black with a huge red dot on the ass, run the f**k away. St. John Ambulance emergency procedure requires that the spider be captured for identification in the very unlikely event someone gets bitten...You have got to be joking me.

Extra hazards after rain:
a) Trek would be uber slippery. There are small stone stairs there, which are already quite slippery on a hot weather.
b) One section of the trail is prone to flooding. Wouldn't want that to happen.
c) Walking on the rocky beach side will be similar as skating on ice.
d) Toxic levels in the sydney harbour rises after rain. So no swimming. Yes, there's even a warning sign on Clontarf beach prohibiting swimming few hours after rain.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


12th August 2007

14 Kilometres

50000 Runners


Join the chaos

UNSW Singapore Closes Down!

Old news, but i just found it!

Dodgy university, with the CAPEX theyre willing to splurge on the campus, youd expect them to be prepare to hold the fort for more than 3 months. No wonder they've been tight on the back in even giving us printers for the Petroleum School.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

The famous Manly to Spit Hike

I know this is the exam season, but just to let you guys know, i'll be hiking up in Manly next Sunday (10th June). This is pending on good weather and if i don't haven anything up. If the weather is good, i'll be going regardless if anyone bothers to tag along. I'll be watching the future forecasts, watch this space.

It costs $4.50, i think..or is it $9, for a ferry ride to Manly. Then we'll walk for about 9.5km to the spit, which will take 4 hours of straight walking. 8-10km isn't much, but the path isn't flat and there will be steep hills that should really tire you and kick up cramps by the end of the journey. Shahbandar is a 4-5km walk.. so it's just like that, but double the distance.

In return for the bloody long and tiring walk, you will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful views of the harbour and a few picture perfect locations. at 90% of the way, we'll come across the beautiful Clontarf beach to rest and dip before finishing all the way. so bring swimmers along.

Then its a brown click back to the City and we'll arrive at the city at QVB and up to you how you want to soak the time as the day ends.

I'll brief more if it's confirmed (both weather and my plans, point of view). here are a few pictures from Faiq and my walk in Manly just a year ago.

This is a site of our first check point, 5km hike.

The beautiful Clontarf beach, 1.5km to go