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2011 Daylight Saving


Just a quick reminder. The Daylight Saving for NSW commences this SUNDAY, 02/10/2011 at 2:00 a.m. So don't forget to spring ahead your clock by 1 hour this Sunday.

Raya for Bruneians Around Sydney Society (BASS)

This article is meant to be published in the BT, but was not able to go through :(
 Special credits to both Ain Zahiah and Khairunnisa for your marvelous works!

Raya for Bruneians Around Sydney Society (BASS)

By: Ain Zahiah bte Hj Shazli and  Nurul Khairunnisa bte Jupry

Being away from home does not stop Bruneians studying in Sydney from celebrating a joyful Raya this year.

Dk Nurul Aqilah Pg Masuni, a second year student at University of New South Wales, stated that the Raya atmosphere here in Sydney is “better than she had expected.”

On my mind, celebrating Raya outside the country feels depressing because your family is not around but looking at what I’ve been going through so far this Raya, it has been fun, joyful and more happening than I expected for here your friends become your new family.”

On 10th September, a group of fourteen students travelled by road for six hours from Sydney to Brunei High Commission in Canberra to attend an open house organised by the Bruneian officers.

“The trip to Canberra was part of the climax of our Raya. Meeting the elderly and some Bruneian officers who were very welcoming made it feel like home. We even got to eat some Bruneian dishes that we have been craving,” added Dk Nurul Aqilah.

On the other hand, Abdul Anas Mohammad Ishak, has a different opinion about his first Raya here in Sydney.

“My first day of Raya was quiet.  Eventhough I feel happy to celebrate Raya in Australia with my BASS family, at the same time I feel sad because I am not with my real family. The raya here is not as happening because there are not many open houses to be attended. There are also less ‘duit raya’, less ‘tapak kuda’ and less ‘kuih raya’. “

The second year Chemical Engineering student also added that he could not get the real feel of Raya when in Sydney.

“There is no raya atmosphere here because for me, the highlight of raya is to ask for forgiveness from other people especially our parents. However, this year, I did not get to do that.”

Mohd Yusri Efandi Ibrahim, a third year Petroleum Engineering student said that last year’s Raya was much better than this year’s.

“Raya so far is just okay, not as great as in Brunei. On the first day, I could not attend the mass Sunat Eid prayer because I had a presentation at the same time. Compared to last year, the first week of raya fell during our mid-semester break, but not this year. Last year we could have a gathering after Sunat prayer, but this year, we could only have it on the third day of Raya. I feel that the raya atmosphere is really missing this year, even during the BASS takbir raya gathering.”

Yusri also compared his Raya celebration in Brunei and in Sydney, saying that raya feels like normal days here.

“In Brunei, the night before raya, we would be busy doing preparation. Cleaning up the house, fixing the neon lights, ‘pelita’…. These things do not happen here. My hope for next Raya is that on the first day, we could have a gathering and help each other to make that day the most important day out of the 365 days that we have in a year.”

It is a different story for Md Zarifdana Zinal Abadin, a fourth year student in Petroleum Engineering, who has “mixed feelings” about celebrating his final Raya in Sydney.

“I feel sad because it is my last Raya here but I am kind of happy at the same time for I’ll be in Brunei next year, Insha Allah.”

He also talked about celebrating Raya at Brunei High Commission in Canberra.

“The food was great and I got to meet more Bruneians there and it felt as if I was in Brunei.”

When asked about what Raya in Sydney has taught him, the 21-year-old has learnt to appreciate his family’s presence.

”I would like to spend and cherish more time with my family when I come back to Brunei because I have been missing them during Raya here. But I will definitely miss the people in Sydney.”