Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hey you guys, time for the once in a blue moon update by the bass admin. heheh, firstly would like to wish a HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY TO FIRST YEAR QASMAN! Honorable mention as well to Yamin and Salwa who celebrated their 20th (*ugh* you all are 'like' so old) birthdays on the past 7th and 9th May respectively. Also honorable mention to all those who celebrated their birthdays last month and didnt get a birthday post on bassbox (oops, sooorry, saya sibuk ler).

Why am I suddenly posting out of the blue? One of the reasons is the fact that I was woken up by certain bruneian housemates who thought shouting and laughing loudly in the middle of the night wouldn't wake anyone up, XD. The shouting and laughing, in the end, was because of Qasmans birthday. Since I couldn't get back to sleep, decided to make this post.

Well, what is there to post about other than birthdays. Well.... *opens unimail* ....there's an end of session bbq which is....today? Hahaha, to all those who gets to read this and hasn't check their email, as your dutiful bass admin, i'd like to announce there is an END OF SESSION 1 2008 PESS BBQ later at Petroleum School around 12 - 3pm. Soo, hope to see some bruneians there. I was talking to someone in the PESS comittee yesterday and she said "I dont see much bruneians, saudis or malaysians at these gatherings which is a shame as they are a majority of those in Pet Eng course". Heheh, so to show your patriotic PESS spirit please come later. Meet up for awhile and have some free food before disappearing into the end of session exam mode.

Hmm... I have absolutely no idea what to post up... owh, there's this article at Brunei times:


From just the title, I'd say : "no duuuh", what do you guys think? Well, I guess that's it. A very short update from your BASS admin. Will bring you more updates...soon....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Skiing Information

Hi All,

I'm trying to get everyone name confirmed. Can you please just put your name in the comment area please.

It seems that i have found a CHEAPER price to go there. Its $430 ALL in. Inclusive of ski hire, ski lesson, transport from UNSW to Thredbo, accomodation, entrance fee, 2*breakfast and ONE complementary dinner of HALAL steamboat Insya Allah. And we will be going with the Malaysian. This trip will be on the 20/7 till 22/7/2008.

I'm listing out all the Advantages and Disadvantage if we go with MSO


  1. We don't have to go to Central Station, the pick up point is from UNSW
  2. They provide Halal Food
  3. It is cheaper


  1. I can't think of any, it's your judgement.

So I would like to have everyone elses opinion on it. Do you want to pay $430 ALL in with group of Malaysian? OR do you guys want to go on with $500++ just us the Bruneians? This trip will be insya Allah on the 11/7 till 13/7/2008 (For this trip I am not sure if we still have the place. Since it's quite late to book)

Due date next week Friday 23/05/2008



P/S: Don't forget to put your name in the comment area if you want to join.and tell me which one do you prefer? the one that cost $430 or the one that cost $500++ PLEASE~ (^-^) Thanks!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Eyes" needed

Dear All,

I am constantly on the look out for anyone who may be able to spare 2 hours off their busy schedule to be a part of my research. The tests will be done in a private eye practice in the city centre. Anyone interested are free to contact me through my email (snla2000@yahoo.co.uk). Thank you and all be best.