Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jamberoo Road Trip Confirmations *updated*

** UPDATE **

Due to numerous complai- I mean 'opinions', I have changed the rental plan and instead of renting one auto and one manual, I am renting two automatic cars. The consequence of this is the total price of car rental have shot up significantly. I will do my best to minimize this and will give an updated price as soon as I can.

Cheers - Hadee

Heya you guys, I've just booked the two cars for the upcoming road trip:

Toyota Yaris Hatch (Manual)

Toyota Corolla (Automatic)

Cool kn? We have one more car, which Ka Suhara is booking. heheh, anyways, there are estimated 12-15 people going:

1/ Hadee
2/ CheeHwa
3/ Sylvester
4/ Wei Wei
5/ Abu Zahrin
6/ Qasman
7/ Hafiz Talip
8/ Miza Hashim
9/ Neena Yapp
10/ Fiqah Aziz
11/ Ka Suhara
12/ Yamin Hashim
13/ Nisah Maryam (Not confirmed)
14/ Ramizah (Not confirmed)
15/ Ray (Not confirmed)

To the people who haven't confirmed: Please tell me in advance if you are not going so I can find someone to fill the spots. Jgn last minute cancel.

The price for the car rental is officially $62.00 per person.

Sorry couldn't get the price any lower, all the cheap cars already sold or booked. Anyways, thats the latest for now. I will update the itenary for Saturday again soon because some people dont really like 'randomness' and prefer a 'plan'. If you want to have any 'inquiries' or 'dissatisfaction' with my service, don't hesistate to call me at my number.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Road Trip

Olla, bonjour, assalamualaikum and good day.

This is to inform all interested of the road trip I am organising this easter holiday.

Saturday 11th April 2009 (FREE FOR ALL)
9:00 AM:
Drivers pick up cars from rental depot
Passengers meet at pick-up point (TBA)
Baggage check-in
10:30 AM onwards:
Depart from pick-up point and into the unknown
Destinations unknown for Saturday. Free for all, ikut rasa, makan2, manasaja.
Suggested plans:
  • Suburb exploring
  • Tutup mata, tunjuk d map and go

7pm onwards:

Dinner and check in at hotel/inn/hostel. Tido

Sunday 12th April 2009 (Jamber00)
Bangun, mandi, gosok gigi
Depart from rest location to Jamberroo (Breakfast otw)
11-12pm( tentative time of arrival):
Arrival and Check-in Sebel Harbourside Resort Kiama
Leave for Jamberroo Action Park
7:oopm onwards:
return to Harbourside Resort, Dinner, slumber party! Tido
Monday, 13th April 2009
Breakfast and check-out
10am onwards:
Back to Sydney
Return cars to rental depot
Car Rental (3days):
$ 77.60 per person
Jamberroo Action Park and Resort Check in:
$94.00 per person
Other extra costs (Inn, food, etc):
estimated $50-$150 (It'll be less if you pack your own food)
Total Costs Max: $321.60
Above is the basic plan. Dates will not be changed anymore. We need at least 10 people for this trip. If you are interested, please leave your names in the comment box. Also, if you are 21 and over, please contact me immediately so you can help in the car rental.
Thats all folks!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Dear BASS-ers,

Would just like to inform you that we will be moving from Harvard Court to a new place in Blenheim St on the 4th April 2009.

If you wish to help us, there are many ways in which this can be achieved;

1) U can come and help us move/unpack, (we start at 7.30AM)
2) We are selling some of our things,
3) U can tell your friends we are selling our things.

Our things include;
3 single size bed
1 queen size bed
1 of the blue sofa
1 our big ass balcony table
1234134346546 hangers Just a bag left for Suh
1 fridge
1 washing machine

4) If U feel generous you can also donate to us.

This will all go to the 'Buy the Blenheim Street kids a 2nd hand dryer' fund

Also, don't miss out on this deal!
If you are a fellow BASS-er you are eligible for gold coinS donation for any of our things!

Thank you

Yours Sincerely,

the soon to be Blenheim St kids

Nena, Hirda and Baby boy

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Get high with San Churros...

Chocolate high that is..

Thank you Hafiz for organizing.. Is that your campaign strategy Fiz?
To the other candidates.. Inda kamu tecabar tu??

Those who came, thank you for being a sport for the cameras.. And a little something to make BASS-BOX more lively.. Pictures...

From Bing:
San Churro 01

From Qiera:
San Churro 02

Expect more on Facebook but not that soon... Cheers..

Computer-less IT Committee,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Who is the next Ketua Kampong??

Part of the message from BASS's current Ketua Kampong:

"I am stepping down from being a ketua kampong on the 10th April 2009. 
It is my 4th year now and I am too busy.."

Seems like the lion has ceased to roar.. And now it's time for the new generation of BASS to succeed the throne. So I'm calling out all BASS-ers to vote for the new ketua kampong. Cast your vote before it is closed on 5th April 2009.

Candidates,  congratulations for being nominated by the Datuk Harimau himself. Now go and start campaigning! :) But please don't abuse this webpage, hehe... Good luck!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's for Easter?

Assalamualikum & Hi BASS-ers...

I know Uni has only started for a few weeks but I'm sure most of you are already thinking of things to do in Easter.. The 3rd years PE students are currently putting together an outing-list for Easter holidays for those who plan to just stay in Sydney and not go traveling..

So far there are Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Jamberoo Action Park trip, Blue Mountain trip and Suburbs trip. Details about these activities will be posted on Bass-Box as well as our page on Facebook as soon as the committee can come up with a proper plan. Anyone who has any idea of things to do in Sydney and want to do it as a group is welcomed to suggest it in the comment box.. 

Lets make the most of our short holidays by exploring Sydney!

Monday, March 09, 2009

First event of 2009..

Assamualaikum everyone...
Welcome back to Sydney. I hope everyone had a great summer back home or in Sydney. 

The new semester has started and so is a new year for the BASS family. To start off the year, BASS's gathering committee is organizing its first event of the year. We are inviting all our member to come and gather for the celebration of  Maulidur Rasul here in Sydney. Details are as follows:

Sembahyang Magrib & Isya' Jemaah, Sembahyang Hajat, Dikir & Doa Selamat

14th March 2009, 7pm

Nisah, Izah & Wani's place for sembahyang jemaah
Majdi, Bo Jun and Fadhli's place for jamuan makan

Those planning to attend the event, $5 fee is applicable so that we can prepare for the food. Please pass the payment to your year focal points (Waznah, Amal, Qasman) or to the finance committee (Majdi, Yamin, Chee Hwa) the latest by Thursday (12th March). They will then pass it to the Izah, Head of gathering committee.

Gathering Committee will delegate jobs to members. Please cooperate to make this event successful. Wishing you a great year ahead. May we be blessed, Amin..

Terima Kasih.

p/s: Do bring your prayer mat along with you. 

IT committee,