Friday, August 31, 2007

The Amazing Paintball Scam

Dear Victims,

For the soon-to-be whingers, here are some pseudo-interesting facts:
-Wake up time to play golf in Brunei if you're Yazid Yasmin: 5.00am
-Wake up time to go fishing in Vietnam if you're Hien Nguyen: 2.00am

Be at Central Station by 7.20 tomorrow--Saturday, the first of September two-thousand and seven--morning.

Please don't start.

Bring your passport, a change of clothes, decent footwear to run around in, sports shoes i suppose--no steel toe boots--, $70.00 for those who have shamefully not paid yet, $21.30 for transportation costs--i'm not sorry, but it was the cheapest i could get--, perhaps some lunch and your passport and your passport and your passport and that red little book you used to smuggle your way into this glorious land.

A summary for the slow of wit amongst us:

Date: Saturday, 1st September 2007
Meeting point: Central Station (Sydney)
Time: 7:20am
Bring: $21.30, decent footwear, PASSPORT, lunch, hate & misanthropy.


Yoshi X,
Event Organizer Extraordinaire

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seems like prom night

Hi everyone,

Approximately 12 more days till the junjung ziarah!!~~~ But before that.... paintball!!!!(for the majority yang ikut =D). Ada2 saja plan untuk weekends in Sydney ani ah, baru ia...lepas weekend sultan melawat, apalagi? =p ..puasa...exam....assignment!! aduhhh!! busettt donk!!! ~

Anyway, as of now, these are the details for the junjung ziarah nanti. Diharap semua akan dapat hadir untuk majlis ini. Kalau any of you can't make it, please inform me okeh?


Date: 9th September 2007


Venue: Grand ballroom,
Westin Hotel
(Address: 1 Martin Place,2000, Sydney)

Dresscode: Men - smart/casual
Women - Baju kurung

Please bring along your passports on the day for security clearance.


For those who have not emailed me their fullnames and IC numbers, please email them to me at: Helps make sure you guys don't go through any problems during those security checks. =D Yang membawa other Bru visitors along, please don't forget to email me their details yeah?

Thank uuuuu allllll for your cooperation. The comiT and I hope that you will all have a good time nanti.

Nazurah =D

Monday, August 27, 2007

SPE Election Results

Dear Rabbits,

I just came back from a SPE meeting discussing the election results. I am very happy with our results. To Aimi and Zimah, it was a close election but it was defeinitely a good try!

However, it is with every bit of pleasure that i announce you to Waznah as the...


"I'm great, har har har har omigodi'msovainrightnow"

Congratulations Waznah, we're truly proud of you. You rocked the SPE elections with 2nd highest votes (50+ votes, thats an amazing 35% of total population votes). I wish you best of success for this year and your next elections in 2008 ;)

With regards,

Airul Hafneh
Retiring secretary to SPE UNSW

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Paintball is set for Saturday, the 1st of September.

Some of you claim to be busy and some of you have to study for tests. You have all of this week and the next to work on that. Be a winner, be proactive. Heh.

Stay true to your typically unreliable Bruneian capability to live up to a commitment.

Get $70 to comrade Yazid by Friday (24/08/07).

To avoid looking rather dim-witted in the face of rejection, further details will only be released as soon as we get the money.



P.S. As much as it sounds like it, this is not a scam.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shell Lunch

Hi guys,

Sorry for the last minute notice but i had to sort out this issue with Henry to clear things out.

Lunch meeting with CSS & DSM
Kasturi Cafe, Haymarket
Thursday 23rd August
1.30pm onwards

If you have a clashing schedule, get your year rep to email lecturer of the list of students who has to skip the class and cc to Henry (IMPORTANT) saying you cant come for class. Do this ASAP by tomorrow morning.

If you are too smart to miss this lunch, let me know by TONIGHT (TUESDAY NIGHT). I need to confirm the numbers with Kasturi by tomorrow midday.

Consult seniors if you dont know location of event

I dont know why but as always,

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tell all your 'friends'

My fellow comrades,

Apparently, word of mouth is that a Bruneian Society is on it's way to formation. What better way to celebrate the establishment of organization then war? (of sorts.) And as with any good tax paying nation, you get to fund it!

AUD 70 gets you 400 pellets, (and possibly more if we book early) and some lunch. The place claims to be a 40 minute drive away from the CBD and a train ride should take slightly less than that. I'll dwell further into the details if we get a decent response.

We need at least 20 people to get a field of our own. Otherwise, like during football, we'll have to tolerate aliens, which may be pondan, smelly, constantly ganas or aggravatingly talkative. Although the constantly ganas kid is one of us, just not Bruneian..

Some of you are probably already whining about the price, it's the cheapest I could find which wasn't too far away from here. Plus, the place looks pretty decent.

If that has not convinced you, think about this; Think about that one person who you pretend to be friends with. That kid that you have to restrain from pushing down the stairs every time you're walking up the campus. The idiot that you pray you didn’t have to see every time you walk into class in the morning, and when he/she isn't there you're instantly convert into a radical muslim ready to hijack anything in the name of god. Invite that kid to come along, heck, pay for him/her if you’re desperate.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about paintball.

Now run along, tell all your friends

Not really yours,


Monday, August 06, 2007

SPE Elections

Hi Guys!

I'm sure all of you have received email from the school with regards to the SPE elections.

I'm very happy to announce we got 3 Bruneians (Aimi, Waznah and Zimah(1st year rep) )have entered their names to vie for a place in SPE committee. I'm very happy and proud the girls stepped up to this call.

Show your support for these guys during SPE elections! Bruneians currently hold approximately 35% voting power in the school. A voice thats needed to be represented!

If you want to be a part of this election, email me! and you'd b running for elections as well.

Meanwhile, goodluck to the 3 girls!

soon to be stepping down secretary for SPE (woohoo!!, finally)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Well in Brunei

Hi guys,

Came across this when reading the news


Oil and Gas Journal

17000psi (117210kPa!!) and at 170Âșc drilled to 22000ft (app. 7km) TVD. Amazing, i didn't know Brunei had such conditions. Great to know govt is up for these risks as well. Let's hope more these exciting news pop up for Brunei in the future!

and whats with Total giving in Imperial units anyway? The french started the metric.

Happy reading!