Sunday, November 02, 2008


Hey you guys, remember last year, that wonderful time where we got bruised and scratched and covered in paint. Well, that time has come again. BASS PAINTBALL 2008

We have managed to scrape up a few passes to Ministry of Paintball in the first sem but never got round to using them. We have currently 16 passes which has been paid for. It cost around $8 per pass and it includes equipment hire (mask, coveralls, hood), gun hire (semi auto gun, 7 rounds per second), and free lunch. The amount of paintballs comes at additional costs.

for more info on what's included, here the website:

We want to find out how many people actually want to come before booking a place. Nothing is confirmed yet. The only date is on the 8th November, Saturday. We currently have 16 spaces but we can book additional. We need to know how many are interested to go. Please respond at facebook or bass-box chatbox by Tuesday. This is organised by the BruGee boys. Any questions just post it at facebook group discussion board or basbox chatbox. PLEASE REPLY ASAP


Well, I've been flooded by some saying 8th is not the ideal date. Well, the passes are still valid till December I think, so any suggestions for a different day? Yamin suggested 9/10th November. If Monday, which will be easier as we can come later in the day. Lau weekend, we have to be at the venue by 730 else be charged with a $10 late fee. 

Soooo.....mau inda, mau inda. Sayang passes ah. heheh, Once a year saja ni, org yg blm ampit, ampitkn tia *looks at nazurah*. So please, please, PLEAASE, reply. Michakaumingaaaaa



"Will you marry me?"

Heheh, kidding. ANYWAAYS, good news, MR CHEE HWA, and his iskiness to paint-balls, has decided to postpone his flight balik from 12th *GASPS* to 15th. Sooooo, the day where everyone SHOULD BE FREEEE IIIS...


Okaay tuuu? EVERYBODY SHOULD BE ABLE TO COME ON THAT DAY! Next decision is blue mountains or blacktown. Bluemountains is furthur away but has cheaper balls. heheh, soooooo please reply with your thoughts meh. REPLY NOW, THE SECOND YOU READ THIS, THE MILI~MICROSECOND AFTER YOU FINISH READING THIS SENTENCE....NOW!