Monday, February 26, 2007

State of Sydney Report #1

My fellow comrades,
The decline of interest rates has made prices of goods and property surge in Sydney. The situation is critical,

From the general view of Bruneian spending, here are the list of price changes:

Houses- A$160/week Average (Up from $140/week -2004 Kingsford prices)
From our Researcher- Property Division, Nazurah, the kingsford area is currently facing an extreme shortage of accomodation. She attributes this to the growing number of international student intake a year, most noticeably Malaysians, who drove in their hundreds and took a lot. The fact that the arrival new Shell intake has delayed by nearly two weeks (problems with MoE approval), will mean that the new students will defintiely suffer. Fuzzy is a postgraduate who has arrived here last week has already felt the pinch of the house shortages. When interviewed, Fuzzy commented:


The housing situation is critical. As a recommendation, the government and shell (as a shareholder) should purchase the Four Seasons Hotel in Circular Quay and convert it as the Bruneian Hall.

Bus Fare- $2.90 One way (Up from $2.60 - 2004)
This is absolutely ridiculous. $2.90 can get you a house insurance already.

In 2006, John Howard passed the 'Voluntary Student Unionism' (VSU) bill. This in effect would mean that students do not have to pay for the previously compulsory union fees. This meant that the student's union (an independant organisation) collapsed and hence their services, which includes subsidized food in campus went along with it as well. As a result, we're paying more for already ridiculously expensive food. (Union food was expensive as well!)

Banana - $2.99/kg (Down from $13.99/kg-2006, Up from $2.49/kg-2004)The hurricane in Darwin has left a devastated effect on the region and the supplies of banananas. This shot the price of banananas up to almost $14/kg, however the region is recuperating, supplies are coming in and the banana price has dropped. However, it's still 50cents higher than 2 years ago.

This is just a small list of the price increase that are hitting Sydney. It is recommended that you be very loaded to study here. For sponsored students, you are screwed.

The economic status will be set to:


Part-Time Chief Economist
Full time Engineering student

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bahapaaa tu aaah #2

Back when i was designing the BASS box banner in the plane (Worst flight i've had..ever), i was choosing which tiny pictures to put in the banner.

I looked into my pictures i had for our 2006 SPE Annual dinner and found this pretty innocent looking picture. It's a great picture nonetheless hence why i put it in the banner!

But i was seriously cracking up in the plane when i notice something else in the picture....

Apa saja di peggangnya tu, patut jua lebar senyum si Justin atu

Monday, February 19, 2007

Get on board!

Hi guys,

Apparently i dont have to send new invites to everyone. Just log on into and update your account to google and you'll be back on board again!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Attention 4th year students - CEIC2120

Hi all, welcome back to a new year with a new semester 1 with hopeful new resolutions!
I bet everyone is ready to face this new year with highly anticipated hard labour! =p~

To make it short and simple,
here is a news flash for the 4th year seniors in UNSW.

If you are interested in enrolling into CEIC2120 Fluid Flow please email Rahul Bajoria personally. I could not help you with your enrolment as he requests for each individual to email him. Please let others know!

Email him at

To the new comers: A very warm welcome to Sydney, Goodluck with the accommodation-hunting! Study smart and enjoy the soon-to-be-over summer!

Warmest Wishes for the new year,

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Summer Closing Down

Hello again everyone,

Summer Attachment Update:
Right now, i'm ( and we, basically) am approaching the end of my summer. Just had the away day, which was really really well done, despite having it indoors, they've managed to pull in heaps of fun. So kudos to Majdi, Fadhli, Bo Jun, Fiqah, Najaa, Hirda, BISH, Aimi and Waznah for an excellent away day.

Summer assignment has been great with massive learning points picked up from work. It's great that a lot of issues that itched ASSes in the past has made progress or has made nice milestones to future improvements and progression.

Milestones and Progression
a) Waznah has $ucce$$fully created a fully comprehen$ive allowance review and propo$al for A$$e$. There$ no bull, just full, hard fact$ that will ju$tify and an$wer every cynici$m. and i helped, woohoo!
b) Victor's UNSW feedback has attracted attention from HR regarding concerns of PE Degree. Victor's feedback report was suprisingly highly analytical and logical. So yea.. you shocked me there, vic. Very very well done.
c) First batch has the freedom to re negotiate how they would like to end their studies.
d) UWA quashed from possible next PE degree destination.
e) No student focal point, activities organised by students themselves. Activities were organised, meetings held and support given = Massive learning points for all. and i was chairman. Woohoo!

Victor's assessment of UNSW's Petroleum Engineering School is available for download upon request in email starting from March 2007. Waznah's allowance review and proposal is a confidential document, accessible only by permitted stakeholders.

As for the site:
Aplogies for the tag board, i was pretty much busy thru out and i didnt realise that the tag board is out. I've replaced the codes, so hopefully tag boards are up and running within a few hours of this post. *phew*

AS FOR THE SITE DESIGN, i've been staying at home to spend as much time withmy family as possible for the weekend and i simply refuse to go out with friends. Hence, i find myself with quite a bit of time so i have stints in trying to put on a nicer face for bass-box

I will transfer my admin previledges in September 2007. This will be transferred to Faiq, Yazid or Victor, whether they will like it or not.


Future of ASS
There will be officially about 35-ish Bruneian Students in Sydney. I wish nothing more than ASSes getting active and post it up in Bass Box. I believe our numbers will be well in scope for the formation of a Sydney Student Union. No leaders, we're anarchist. yes, it's possible. You could refer to "An Alternative Vision" by Ted Trainer, UNSW School of Social Science. Wooo!

Meanwhile.. goodbye summer.

I'll let you watch it all, the view from our last summer

(harap maaf kepada Jeng #1. i forgot your name. I keep thinking you're a senior)