Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Next Presidency

One more thing, the time has come to change the presidency of the BASS society. The following names have been selected to take over the current mature and "cute" Ketua Kampung, Abu Z. This selection is based on their contribution for BASS.

Adrian, JJ, Nadine, Kayden, Nabila Msooni, Yusri and Zahra.

Congratulations guys and sisters. So everyone, please do vote for your next President. Also, the president must have good decision making skills, must be responsible, has good communication and be the role model for BASS.

And for the new President, do not worry too much, because the current KK and vice-president will help you in any matters relating to BASS. Ok, the decision is now in your hands.

The highest vote will be the President and second highest vote will be the Vice-President. Also, the next task for new President is to elect his/her treasurer, secretary, public relations or IT for BASS. Please vote using the voting poll below. Please pick your best two picks (only!) for the role of the new President. Also please do not spam the poll. The final decision will be made by the current admins of BASS. (Note: After you have voted, it is normal that it won't show anything =D)

The announcement will be made at the Gathering this sunday!

Abu Zahrin.

End of semester gathering

Assalamualaikum BASS sydneysiders,

As the "humble" ketua kampung of this society, I would like to invite all BASS members to a solat Hajat and Doa selamat gathering. Blessings and prepare ourselves for the upcoming "war" exams.

This event will be a potluck gathering. So bringing foods and drinks are optional. Some of us plan to prepare the foods at the Old Tote, UNSW Village and you are more welcome to join us.

Date: 5th June 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 3p.m.
Venue: UNSW Village, Tower 1, Apartment 126, "Village Boys club"

PS:Please bring your own prayer mat and please inform everyone what you will be bringing (if you are bringing any foods or drinks so that people will know what we already have and vice versa)

Abu Zahrin

Rm 126.3, UNSW village

(Prepared by Qas, and edited by Abu Zahrin).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Raves for authentic Nasi Katok in Sydney - BB publication

 Yeeee.... What a  fantabulous report Nadine :) ! Once again thanks to all Bass-ians for making this become a reality...

 The night kicked off pretty quickly last Thursday, 12th May 2011 at the ‘Pasar Malam’ event. It was held by the Malaysian society at the roundhouse at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. The chatter of excitement, the sizzle of food on freshly hot pans, the flicker of assorted neon lights; if it wasn’t for the cold autumn breeze, the atmosphere was similar to the sights and sounds of a regular night at Pasar Malam, Gadong. And instead of the usual role of being served, the 2nd year Bruneians students who are taking petroleum and chemical engineering turned into pseudo-savvy stall owners named ‘Garai Tekidum’, selling food exclusively close to home.

BB Weekend publication  dated 21 May 11
We had our hands full; some were tending to the continuous queues of customers, some were cooking behind the scenes while others entertained those who came to the stalls with fun facts about Brunei. Trying to stay true to the local favourites, the menu consisted of the humble Nasi Katok, Nasi Sambal Pusu, chicken dumplings, Kuih Bingka, Kuih Apam and the increasingly popular fried banana popia rolls. The food was sold off fairly quickly especially the Nasi Katok and Kuih Bingka which were gone within an hour’s time.  As the night progressed, the crowds maintained and it felt good to know that the food we offered were attractive enough to keep them coming back for more. A few commented on the relatively inexpensive prices that we had compared to other stalls. This was because we knew the main objective of setting up the stall was to introduce a bit of Brunei through the food and language.

The current BASS (Bruneians around Sydney society) Ketua Kampong, Abu Zahrin, commented
“ Alhamdulilah, the service was marvelous and the authentic foods such as Nasi Katok and Nasi Pusu were very welcoming which even myself couldn’t get one. I am really thankful and glad that we have made it. Finally it was one of the big achievements for BASS to promote Brunei in a foreign country”

One of the customers, Henri Baz said:

I was there too late for the Nasi Katok and heard they sold like hot cakes. But one of the Bruneian sisters recommended me the Nasi Pusu, which I have to say was really good. Now I regret buying only one portion instead of five. The banana rolls were really good too!

It was a great milestone for BASS to participate in such an event for the first time and to succeed in our mission. All the profit acquired was put into organizing future Bruneian gatherings and activities. Through this event, we hope we made a positive impact in introducing our Brunei, our culture to the world and we look forward to represent our country at other events hopefully in the near future.

By Nadiah Yaani

Photo courtesy of Chris Wu & Bella

||| Do you have anything to publish in Bass box? or want to be reporter for Bass? Please contact me, we ll do more newspaper publication in the future :), yea  after the final Exam... :) |||

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hiiiii fellow BASS-ians.

We really really appreciate everyone of you for helping out Garai Tekidum that day at the Malaysian Festival. Without you guys, i don't think we can cope with the situation of both cooking and promoting our authentic Bruneian food. i know all of you must be wondering if we make a profit out of it. The answer is.........


All the profit that we made will be all going to the Bass 'treasure box' and hope that we can get some money from the 'box' for a Solat Hajat gathering maybe during the study break (week 13). The exact date,venue and food menu is yet to be announced :)



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pre-order for Nasi Katok (AND ONLY Nasi Katok)

Salam and hello BASS :)
This Thursday, 12th of May 2011, the PCE2010 are organising a ‘GARAI TEKIDUM’, which is a Bruneian food stall in conjunction with the Malaysian Pasar Malam event. This will be held outside of Round House, UNSW.

We are serving Nasi Katok, Nasi Pusu, Popia pisang, chicken dumplings and loads more ;)

As for the Nasi Katok, pre-orders are available.
You can choose between these two: Wing+Drumstick and Thigh, which are $6 and $7 each respectively. However, we have agreed to subsidise this especially for our Bruneian family, making them $5 and $6 each respectively. :3

Send a text message to Bel on FACEBOOK (http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001474844342)


at 0405793916 for pre-orders, stating which parts of the chicken you want in your order and YOUR NAME. :) Otherwise, see you guys & girls there! We take pre-orders starting from the moment this is posted until Thursday, 12th May 2011, 12.30 PM.

Thank you so much for your support. 

Salam :)

By Bel

Garai Tekidum- Enthusiastic Bruneian Food Stall 2011 (updated)

Hold on to your hats, cats, mats and fats everyone, we have BIG news! But before anything can be said and done, we must start always with…

Assalamualaikum and Good day Peeps,

We, the second year BASS-ians, are going to host a Bruneian food stall: Garai Tekidum (a name made up by none other than the always cheerful, Nabila Massuni) in the upcoming Malaysian Pasar Malam event.

The details of the event are as follow:
Date : 12th May 2011
Time : 5.00 pm- 9.00pm
Venue : Outside of the Roundhouse, UNSW
Everyone is welcome to stopover and of course to taste, try, buy (or rather buy, try, taste? xP) our enthusiastically made especially for the event-Bruneian food which we guarantee will fulfill everyone’s Tais Liur since Brunei’s ever reliable Nasi Katok is on the menu, just please don’t go expecting Brunei prices! ;)

The deliciously devine Nasi katok will be spiced up with a special sweet sambal by Azimah JJ. You will spend days salivating over her savoury sambal.

And ever heard of Sengwei’s expertly crafted dumplings? Try it out yourself! Her juicy, yummy and tastefy dumpling rates among the best 5 food I’ve had in Sydney.

The menu list for that night would be as follows:
- Nasi Katok
- Nasi Pusu
- Chicken Dumpling
- Popia Pisang berMilo
- Bingka Susu
- Kek Batik APAM (sorry for the change in menu) *UPDATED

Please do come and we are happy to serve you on that night.

**UPDATED: All the net profit from this event will be given to BASS collections for future gatherings & activities **

This event is supported by Bass committee and Insya Allah will become our annual event depending on the support we receive on the night.

Thank You

By Dizi

Sunday, May 08, 2011

For the very first time, two Sydney-Bruneian students; Ng Chee Hwa and Sylvester Kheng, are going to perform for a Med Revue this semester. They will be performing a 4 day spectacle where they might be appearing in nude, oops, funny sketches which must not be missed!

But one thing is for sure, Chee Hwa will be doing something which I quote “I have never done before”

source: Mr. Zarifbana. hahaha.

Best of Luck, gentlemen!
Abu Zahrin.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Essay writing competition 2011

Salam and Hello everyone,

In conjunction with 2011 the RBAF Golden Jubilee Celebration, Brunei Times is organising an Essay writing competition. This Essay writing competition is divided into three categories including the open category titled Brunei defence and non-traditional challenges.

The competition is open to all students of Brunei Darussalam and the closing date for the Essay writing competition is on 31st July 2011.

There are plenty of prizes to be won comprising of Sony cybershot camera, B$1,000- BIBD savings account, 2 nights stay in Empire and Acer Ferrari Smartphone.

 don’t wait any longer, open your Microsoft word and start writing… ;)

For more information, please go to http://www.bt.com.bn/essay2011

Monday, May 02, 2011

Indonesian Night Market 11

Hello Bass-ian,

The Indonesia Night Market 2011 is happening tomorrow (03/05/11) at UNSW Main Walkway from 4pm to 9pm. 

Reckon you could resist the temptation of Chendol with coconut milk and brown sugar or the super yummy Satay and gado-gado or how about the Nasi Lemak with crispy chicken and rendang? 

Feel free to show up, enjoy and savour the potpourri of irresistible mouth-watering foods and drinks . Besides that, there will be varieties of live performance games to entertain the night. 

See you there!

Bass should have conducted this too! :)

Thanks to Dizi for the paragraph

Sunday, May 01, 2011