Saturday, March 29, 2008

Manly Walk Update

The weather forecast say its gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow and everything is go go go f0r the Manly trip.

For more info on the Manly trip, click here

Meet me at Wharf 3 at circular quay 10.30am sharp.

We'll go to Manly with a ferry ride and go back to the city with a bus ride (brown click). Ferry should cost about $(.. or issit $4.50)

-Sun Protection (Sun screen, hat, sunglasses)
-Camera (recommended)
-Pocket Money for transport and other stuff
-Very comfortable clothing and sport shoes
- Towel and swimmers (optional)
-Bib, bawakan the gino cream huwahaha

Don't be disappointed if you can't make it, i can always organise another trip (yeah right, kalau rajin =D)

Don Airul
Capo of Barker Street Territory

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Please note that this post mainly concerns all Bruneian Petroleum Engineering Students in Sydney Australia. I was contacted by Chairman of Young Professional SPE Brunei, Sateria Sulaiman, to promote this student presentation/paper contest. He would like to encourage Bruneians taking Petroleum Engineering in Australia to participate in this. It is opened to all higher education instution students to participate. It is really a good opportunity since the winner of the contest will be sponsored to go to 4-7 October 2009, in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. with expense allowance of up to US $ 3,000.


  1. The Contest will be based on Abstracts (200-300 words with a maximum of two diagrams) submitted by any SPE member who is a full-time student.

  2. The subject of the Abstract must be related to Petroleum Engineering (including processing and offshore facilities), and shall be a typed submission in the English Language.

  3. The Abstract shall represent as completely as possible the original work of a single author in planning the investigation, performing the project and interpreting the results.

  4. Contestants must be SPE members in current good standing, and be enrolled as full-time

  5. Abstracts entered in the contest shall not have been published in a professional journal or
    presented at an earlier SPE Regional Student Paper Contest. This provision does not preclude prior presentation at meetings sponsored by universities, colleges, SPE local sections or other organisations. If in doubt, consult the Student Paper Organising Chairperson.

  6. Contestants must complete an Entry Form and submit it along with the Abstract (written paper - if available) to the Organising Chairman by 2 April 2008.

  7. Finalists will be selected and invited to present their work in person before the Judging Panel at the Student Paper Contest on the first day – 20 October 2008 of the Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, Perth, Australia. Each finalist is limited to a presentation time of no more than 20 minutes.

  8. Submissions of written papers are optional. The Contestants are encouraged to submit a written paper consisting of a minimum of 1,000 words of text, plus as many diagrams and supporting illustrations as may be considered necessary to elucidate the subject matter. The paper must not exceed 7,000 words equivalent of text and diagrams, with each diagram considered to be the equivalent of 250 words. Optional papers are to be submitted to the Organising Chairman by 10 September 2008.

  9. The contest will have two Divisions, an Undergraduate Division and Postgraduate Division(Masters Degree and PhD) only.


  1. Prizes:
    The number of prizes will depend on the number of contestants in the division.
    First Prize : Max. US$250.00
    Second Prize : Max. US$150.00 (if awarded)
    Third Prize : Max. US$100.00 (if awarded)

  2. Financial Support of Finalists:
    Finalists are encouraged to seek funds from local industry or their local SPE section to assist with the costs of travel. Accommodation can be arranged by the respective local SPE section for the night before the competition and, if required, the night after the competition. More details of financial arrangements will be announced when finalists’ names are notified to universities. Students will enjoy free entry to the Conference/Exhibition.

  3. The Winner:
    The first place winner will be invited by SPE to present his/her work at the SPE InternationalVStudent Paper Contest to be held at the 2008 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) scheduled 4-7 October 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Organising Chairperson : Rob Jellis
Subsurface Engineering Manager
BHP Billiton Petroleum Pty. Ltd.
Tel. 61.8.9338.4725
Fax. 61.8.9338.4603

To those interested or need further details please contact me or Sateria Sulaiman ASAP. I have a copy of the entry forms, guidlines and other contest details if needed. Sorry for the late notice, I've been having internet troubles. Please pass this to your friends or colleagues who are interested.



Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hey peeps,

Let’s just make this short. Below are the details of the event.

What: Ice-Skating

When: 22nd March 2008 (THIS SATURDAY)

Where: Ice Skating Rink, Macquarie Centre

Proposed Session Time: 11:30 – 13:00

Price: AUD$18 (Student’s price) and AUD$10 for locker deposit.

So please bring along your STUDENT ID if you want to get this price.

We will be going there by taking the bus at the Stand C of the QVB bus stop. Since the ride to Macquarie takes about approximately an hour or so, PLEASE BE THERE (AT THE QVB) BEFORE 10 A.M. From there, we may take either the bus numbered 288 OR 292. You may as well take the 290 bus but this has MORE stops than the other two.

To those who haven’t been to Macquarie before, worry no more!! There will be our “tour guides” (Hafiz and/or Zimah) to bring and show you guys around the area. Any inquiries, just leave your messages in the comment box, or you may text/call them.

So please do come along with us. Let us start this Easter Holiday by having some fun at the rink.

Thank You…. and hope to see you there!!!.. =)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maulud Nabi Gathering.

The gathering committee is holding a get-together in conjunction with Maulud Nabi this Thursday evening. This would be our first event in Sydney for 2008. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Izah could not post this up so I’m doing this on behalf of her.

So here are the details..

What: Sembahyang Magrib berjemaah, dikir and doa selamat.

Who: BASS family.

When: Thursday, 20th March 2008.

Try to be there before Magrib. Refer to the prayer time at the top right side of this page. :)

  • Magrib prayer, dikir & doa selamat @ Nisah, Izah, Wani’s place.
  • Makan-makan @ Majdi, Fadli, Bo Jun’s place

It’s potluck. So please let us know what you’re bringing in the comment box.

PS: Bring along with you a prayer mat. To non-muslims.. Do come, even just for the food.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Message from Pg Ayub

Update (5:38pm, Wednesday 5th March) :

Hi Guys,

Was napping and just got a call from Pengiran Ayup. He's coming here on Saturday, 8th March, as part of his Aussie-NZ tour as the education attache. I know most of you guys should be around or just arrived on that day so night time is set aside for your covenience. If you're not, i'd be damn speechless.

Here are the details (tentative).

What: Dinner with Pg. Ayup
Who: EVERY BRUNEIAN Welcomed. So come and meet everyone.
Where: Kasturi Cafe. George Street, Haymarket, Sydney.
When: Saturday 8th March, 7pm.

Please liaise between your years. I need numbers for reservations.

Darth Airul

Post Scriptum: Hadee, omigod panjang post mu atu. We don't have to be pressured to make it a National Day gathering or anything. Let's call it, ABIB's BIRTHDAY BASH woohoo!! Guest of Honour: Pg. Ayup. =D


How are you guys. Wish everything goes well. I have not been hearing from your side regarding Brunei Society in Sydney. I was just back from New Zealand to attend the National Day Celeberation organised by the Brunei Students Society in NZ. I was there for 4 days and I have a very succesful meeting with the university's representatives as welll as several meetings with our Brunei students.

Tentatively I will be going to Perth in two weeks time. They are still finalising the Futsal Tournament which they are thinking of having on the 16th and 17th March 2008. The students in Melbourne will be having a National Day gathering on the 22nd March 2008, which I will be attending. I have been to Brisbane last Dec 2008 to attend the Graduation Ceremony for our Bio-Medical Science and Medical students.

I hope to visit you guys soon, depending whether you will be able to get everyone together. I was thinking of coming to see you all, around this month, if that can be arranged. Hope if you can identify a good date where we all can meet. I am open to suggestion - not necessarily a formal meeting.

Kindest Regards,

Pg. Ayup Pg. Hj. Othman
Education Attache
BHC canberra

Monday, March 03, 2008


Allo allo, g'day to all of you. Well, as some of you might know, 'some' people had to miss o-week for reasons which I shall not disscuss. *cough* lazy bums *cough*. Well, fortunately for you guys, I'm here to rub the fantabulous UNSW orientation week in your faces. hahaha, as an act of pure joblessness, I am covering each day Orientation week, to show you what some of you are missing and hopefully suffer and be tormented with envy and guilt for coming back so late! This is sorta amateurish and spontaneous post, hee, enjooy.

MONDAY day 1.

Set my alarm at 7, got up at 9, thanks to excellent timing of an inprompt to text message. I was planning to head to UNI by 9 or 10 so that I can get some of the FREE PANCAKES they were serving in the morning. Rushed a shower, put on some light clothing (it was hot~ 21 degrees, weathers been a tad inconsistant these past few days, so dont expect to see the sunny skies when you are here), and grabbed my bag before leaving Hafiz's place and heading towards UNI. I planned to drag the guys, but as usual, Hafiz was being his usual lazy self, didn't want to disturb his 'precious' beauty sleep (he needs all the sleep he can get) and Asqa was already eating a 'OMG' delicious breakfast of Instant Noodles *gasps*.



OMG, people! There like freakin everywhere!!!

Walking through 'the walk' (izzat what its called, I forget) with the big crowds, booths, yellow shirts, bewildered first years is just awesome. The UNI was virtually empty before this and there is so many things to do and see here. It was around ten when I reached there, so I rushed up to Matthews to meet up my Malaysian friend Tiya who was helping her juniours get their student IDs (As Waznah mentioned, Espot is no longer at red center, its at Matthews) . A few minutes of walking, and a handful of club brochures later, I reached Matthews Theatre in UPPER campus. Remember the renovation they were doing there before summer holidays, well they finished it, WE HAVE A NEW FOOD COURT, WOOHOOO! Indian food, Sushi and more, all at Matthews with proper sitting areas with tables. I didn't take pictures, I forgot, so I'll post it up tomorrow for you to see.



Queue for the student id cards
Yup, those are the queues for the student id. SO freaaaakin looong. I planned to do it since Tiya and her juniours were there, but after seeing that line, ugh, decided to do it later in the week. Went and met up my Bangladeshian Australian Friend Niloy, who was trying to find out if there were any Civil Engineering specific lectures, labs or activities that were compulsory to attend during Oweek. Btw, still no word from Jennifer, I'll scower the net again to update you guys with more info on the PetENg Oweek lecs or labs.
Dragged him to get pancakes with me near the roundhouse. Otw there, we passed the beer lawn (between Scientia and red center). Seems like some half-naked buff guys were dancing there.


Why were there half Naked Buff Guys dancing near the Beer Lawn located between the Scientia Building and Red Center while Niloy and I were otw to get pancakes near the roundhouse? I didn't have a clue. This is orientation week, expect the unexpected. hahahah. Btw, these guys were buff, i mean REALLY BUFF huge muscles and all that crap. Its not those freaky monstor freak of nature muscles, it like those male models who advertise for underwear. Just looking at these guys lowers yur self esteem dramatically. hahahah, I need to join a gym this year.

Passing by more stalls and booths, more people stuffing brochures and pamphlets into my hands, reached the pancake queue. It was not that long, but we had to wait a bit. A few minutes of idle talking and enjoying the sights of the cooks accidentally overcooking and burning the pancakes and trying to amusingly convince some of the people in queue to get this burnt pancakes by asking 'who likes their pancakes extra black?', Niloy and I were approached by some blue/yellow shirts (I had temporary colour memory loss at that moment) who were promoting ARC memberships.

It was an asian guy and girl. The guy spoke first, well...he tried to. He was okay the first few sentences and suddenly lost track and forgot what he wanted to say. Reasons for this, as I thought at that moment, could either be that, I was very intimidating or this guy was new at this job, and as it turned out, it was the latter of the two. He smiled timidly and apologized, and let the girl speak. Showing off her experience, she went through almost everything about ARC membership at UNSW, its privelages and so forth. Heres a sum of it:

  • You get a welcome pack (Arc Backpack, 2GB USB stick, Wall Planner, Other Campus Essentials)
  • Club VIP membership (Discounts for off camping clothing, clubs and Sydney Events
  • Discounts at Arc Stores (up to 40% off selected merchanise and 'Green Splat' Specials
  • ARC Club MemberShip (Join clubs free of administration costs from Arc)
  • ARC Room Hire (Free Discounted rates for music, meeting and general purpose rooms)
  • UniBar Discounts (Member Specials and Happy Hours Throughout the year)
  • Free Roundhouse session parties all year (Free/discounted admission to ARC activities and Events
  • Work and Lifeskills Courses (Discounted rates + training program & certificate of participation for each course)
  • Graduation Dress Hire Discounts (Discounts on Academic dress hire and purchase)
  • ARC Board and Representive Council Elections (Eligible to run for Board and Rep Council positions and vote in elections)
  • Volunteer Programs (Join student development and volunteer programs and gain valuable experience)
  • Computer Labs (Free Computer Use in any ARC Computer Labs)
  • KUDOs Gallery @ COFA (Significant Hire discounts and free support)
  • Free Legal Advice and Advocacy (ARC Lawyer and Student Support)
  • UNSW Bookshop Discounts (Special Member only deals)
  • Cheap Movie Tickets (Buy cheap tickets for range of cinemas)
  • Member Diary with Vouchers (You can only get the vouchers if you're an ARC member)

Arent you amazed with my memory skills? Hehe, the fact that she handed me a brochure after our conversation helped alittle I guess. Anyways, memberships is $149 for 1year, $280 for 2years, $380 for 3years & $450 for 4years. I'm joining this year btw, anybody else? *wink*

After our conversation with the ARC promoters, and wishing the new guy goodluck, I finally got my pancakes. They were out of plates so I had to use napkins. O-week pancakes are a tad different from your typical pancakes. They're square and burnt and made with love by the ARC Yellow Shirts. The tall blond yellow shirt pretty causcasian girl (this....I remember) was handling the condiments. I asked for Maple Syrup, she recommended to opt for something else, as her syrup was too runny *snort*, so I had this sort of jam on my pancakes, which flavour seems to escape my memory yet again, it was a pink-red goo. Don't have pictures again, sorry, was too hungry at the time.

After gulping down the pancakes, Niloy and I hung out near the Sports and Recreation section of the Oweek booths. Its located in front of the ISS building/centre. There was an ANZ booth nearby along with a Dance Hip-hop club booth.


ANZ BOOTH -What is the heck is that guy doing? ANZ have this sort of box where the willing participants enter and try to grab as much little strips of paper which are blown up into the air by a wind machine in a period of 10-20 seconds. Whats the point? Well, each strip of paper is worth AUD$1. An earlier participant walked of with $65. Free money for climbing into a box and goofilly trying to grab strips of paper as quick as possible in front of hordes of onlookers....excellent.


HIP HOP DANCE BOOTH - Put your hands up in the aiiir, shake em like you just don't careeee! Freee demonstration for interested hip hop dancers.

After watching some people almost break their necks for attempting a headstand, I called Hafiz and Asqa to join me since it was around 12. Niloy had to go to work at 1 and I didnt want to be abandoned here. Thanks to my excellent negotiating skills, I got them to come (this sounds really weird right Yamin? *wink*).

Hung out in front of the Newton Building lawn and waited for them there, and where we discovered the ISSOC booth and the Saudi Booth.


Random Malaysian(?) Girl and Fatimah/Padme (not quite sure) in charge of ISSOC membership registration.


Saad Alaasi with his 'cool' hairstyle, helping out with the Saudi society booth

Hafiz joined soon after, and as we were waiting for Asqa, we were approached by a yellow shirt asking us if she could paint our faces. After some coaxing from Hafiz, and since the others seemed soooo reluctant, I volunteered my precious face for painting. What did i choose? Well, I opted for the first thing that came out of my head ~ spiderman!!!



Facepainting, all in good fun. The girl was a bit worried at first, cause she never did spiderman before (*snort*), but it came out alright in the end. Hahah, I wanted the other guys to have their face painted, but guess they couldnt bare people staring at them. It was a bit weird having everybody turn and stare at you but you get used to it. Being called spiderman everytime you walk by is kinda cool *swells with pride*.

Asqa joined up eventually and toured the walk and tried to visit as much booths as we can. Asqa and Hafiz signed up for soccer tryouts while I scoped the diving and outdoors club booth. Many many clubs to look at, couldn't cover all of them properly in one day. Along the UNI walk, there are many activities to do and free stuff to get.


queueing up for....




Its that delicious! Don't believe me, notice Asqa's face? looks like he's gonna 'burst' with excitement *wink* 'it is very tasting of gooooodnesss'

I'm going to cut this post short for now, it looks like I sorta overdid it. It's a day overdue already. hahah, expect a post of Juniours First Day Experience sometime tomorrow and further Oweek coverages later in the week. Will leave you guys with pics I took on Monday. Goodbye for now, cheeers.


Live Bands at Beer Garden


Juggling training from circusoc. Run away from home, to go to Uni and join the circus!


Old Friends - Malaysian 2nd years. The three people on the right are sooo 'coool', especially the guy in the center. Like OMG.


Get your free Arab Guy, comes with his own Turban, headscarf thingy. heheh, kidding, dress up in traditional Arab clothing at the Saudi Society Booth.


Would love to see this guy walk up the stairs near the Quad.




Our new free student diary. Does not come with gay model


free drinks - Lipton tea (a new flavour which I cannot seem to remember)


Draw to win a free ipod classic


Being Spiderman ~ priceless

Saturday, March 01, 2008

BASSBOX updates

Greeting everyone, thanks especially to Sydney's wonderfully fast internet speeds, I was able to do some major upgrades on BASSBOX. Back home, I'd lose interest after waiting 10 minutes just for Yahoo to load up. heheh anyways, the first thing you'll see is that big calender at the top of the page. There are still some bugs, but you guys can post any events on the calender by clicking the Add Event button. I recommend not clicking the dates on the calender because it'll bring up another page which looks alittle glitchy. You can press the arrows to see events for upcoming months.

Another update to your right is the Islamic Calender and Prayer times for Sydney Area. NO EXCUSES NOW, BWAHAHAHAH. To Bruneian Muslims who havent got it yet, I recommend downloading the Athan Software from, to get prayer times directly to your laptop or computer. The link for the software is located under the prayer times.

The last update are the BASSBOX Quicklinks. Makes access to specific posts of a particular category easier. It isn't fully complete, as I havent put all the posts in the BASSBOX database in their particular categories, so be patient. Going through a database of over 150 posts, one by one, is a reeaally time-consuming task. Other than that, thats basically it for the updates. If you find any glitches, bugs, broken links or suggestion, leave a message on the shoutbox or click me on MSN.