Friday, September 28, 2007

Sungkai Gathering

Dear Bruneian Sydneysiders,

The first years are holding a sungkai gathering & everyone is invited!

It’s ‘pot luck’ so it’d be nice & much appreciated if everyone can bring some food on that day. Well, not really everyone but maybe one meal from a household. Hence no money collection, less hassle that way. The organizers will prepare the main course, so you just need to worry about the side dishes.

But here are some suggestions of what you can bring:

- Paper/plastic plates, cups, spoons & forks
- Drinks
- Pasta
- Noodles
- Bubur Kacang (Daus*ehem*Daus)
- Air puspa.

(Let us know what you’ll bring on that day on the comment page.)

Here are the details:

What’s up: Majlis Tahlil, Sungkai Beramai & Sembahyang Maghrib dan Isya Berjemaah

When: October 4th (that’s next Thursday!)

Where: Asqa & Hadee’s place (14/102, Doncaster Avenue, Kensington)

Time to be there: 5:00 pm (tahlil will start promptly by 5:15pm)

& be noted that Sungkai is at 6.01pm that day.

Do bring tikar sembahyang & buku Yaasin.

RSVP to Abib a.k.a. Hafiz by Tuesday, October 2nd so that we know how many people are coming and have a fair estimate on how much food to prepare for that day. You can reach Abib on his msn ( If u have his number, text him. If u see him, tell him you’re coming to the gathering.

Sempena bulan Ramadhan yang mulia dan penuh keberkatan ini, mari lah kita menambah amal jariah kitani dan mengeratkan ikatan silaturrahim sesama Islam. Mudah-mudahan kita semua diberkati dan diredhai oleh Allah s.w.t jua. Amin!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Pictures

Greetings everyone,

Just got an email, you can find AD's picture of us during the Tandoori Palace dinner and the junjung ziarah in the site below.

Haslinda's Site

Someone PLEASE download these pictures and put them into the photobucket before these pictures are deleted soon.

Dear all,

Firstly Selamat Berpuasa. Secondly, it has been a pleasure to get to know some of you during the ziarah. Some of you have approached, emailed and contacted me in person regarding 'volunteering' to be a subject for my research. Special thanks to Nazurah, who has been brave enough to do the whole experiment. Just to answer some queries, YES, I am still seeking out people who are willing to take part in a 2 hour experiment. In a nutshell, I am measuring the signal from your visual cortex by presenting stimuli on a screen. The test in itself is purely objective -you don't have to say or do anything except stare infront of you a fixation point. The aim of the study is to improve ways to detect a blinding progressive disease,glaucoma. Won't bore you all to tears here :), but do feel free to contact me anytime at

Monday, September 17, 2007

SPE Annual Dinner

Another Update: Unfortunately, Ian Silvestre (Chief Reservoir Engineer for woodside) is unable to give a talk. However, we proudly present Martin kennedy (Chief Petrophysicist for woodside) will be our main speaker. =)

heh, hands up who actually cares about this news....

Dear Rabbits,

I would like to cordially invite everyone to the Annual SPE dinner. This dinner is a special one, as we are celebrating 50th Anniversary of SPE and as well as 25th Anniversary for the School of Petroleum Engineering. The dinner is the highlight of the Petroleum Engineering School.

For my non-muslim friends, there is an unlimited bar tab that runs for 4 hours that free flows alco and non alco drinks. The dinner will be at the swanky Sofitel Wentworth hotel located just 2 stops further than David Jones at the city, a breath of fresh air from the usual Royal Automobile club.

I know allowance baru keluar around the ticket sales time, so "nada duit" is a really really really bad excuse. 1st years and 2nd years are most encouraged to come. I KNOW final year and 3rd year will show up, KAN? Please contact me or any SPE representatives for ticket sales.

What: SPE Annual Dinner
Where: Sofitel Wentworth Hotel (Phillips street)
When: 22nd September 2007 from 7pm onwards (Boleh buka puasa sudah tu)
Ticket sales: $60 for students. Purchased between now and 5th September. The price is steep but i'll try very hard to get this reimbursed by Shell.
Who: Contact Airul or any of your SPE representatives

Attire: Smart/Pimp/To Impress. Some of you have been going to the gym, so its a good time to show your body har har har har har har har.

Kind Regards,
Airul Hafneh
Secrétaire pour la Société des Ingénieurs de Pétrole (SPE)
Section d'étudiant UNSW

Monday, September 10, 2007

Statement of Error

Dear fellow readers of Sydney and Everywhere else,

Typical of my narcissistic behaviour, I followed the news from Borneo Bulletin, RTB online and followed the news about His Majesty's visit and gathering with the students in Sydney.

I would like to correct the following statement in the article, " The Vice-President with the Petroleum Engineering Association in Sydney, Airul Hizam bin Hj Hafneh".

for Borneo Bulletin:
Petroleum Engineering Association should be the Society of Petroleum Engineers. The newly elected Vice President of Society of Petroleum Engineers here in Sydney is Dayangku Waznah binti Pengiran Ali. While Airul Hizam bin Haji Hafneh is the outgoing secretary for the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

for RTB:
The same applies for them. It is not VP of Engineers of Sydney Petroleum.

Please take note of this important error.

Kind Regards,
Airul Hafneh

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thank you from ME =D

As'kum everyone,

I just want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone that was involved in the planning and execution of the event.

Firstly,the hicomm especially TYT, Aunty Masurai and Pg Ayup, for facilitating the event for us..hehe..

Thank you to Ummi, Majdi, Ling Wei, Fiqah and Wani for volunteering to help Hicomm for APEC and security checking people at the entrance...I know how troublesome that thank you for bearing with me on that...

To the 5 people that helped me out BRABISLY during the planning of the event..yazid, waznah, aimi, fadhli and majdi...terima kasih yang tidak terhingga..esehmen~ lol

AMPUN BERIBU AMPUN.....Steady kali ahhhhh MC abib and MC salwa..XP

Airul...thank you for delivering the speech very well!!! Senyum sultan mendngr...priceless man..

Bo Jun, thank you for becoming airul's pengapit on short notice...nda apa..masuk TV bahh kan...;p

Lastly, I'd like to thank all the attendees for helping make the event a success...and I, on behalf of both the hicomm and the team, hope that everyone had a good time...perut kenyang...puas hati ckp sama sultan...and wallets full..? =p

So ....ok, salutes to all these people.. thanks again from me. =D


Photos during HM Junjung Ziarah

Hi everyone,

I have uploaded the photos from HM Junjung Ziarah just now.

Just click HERE!

and the rest yg ada camera tadi atu, jgn lupa upload jua.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Junjung ziarah KDYMM tomorrow

Venue: Westin Hotel, 1 Martin Pl

Time: 1.30 - 2pm

Dresscode: Smart/casual for men, baju kurung for women

Thing to bring: PASSPORT

Tomorrow we will have a few students at the entrance to vouch for you when asked by the police of the purpose of your visit. Those students will no longer be at the entrance after 2pm, so it is important that everyone comes on time.

Apart from that, we hope tomorrow will be a memorable day for everyone. =) BTW, a message from Pg Ayup: Do not talk or accept anything from strangers on your way to the hotel.

Pass around the news to your friends. heheh thanks.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Paintball Memories..

Lads... some of the pictures from paintball are up on BASS-BOX Photobucket. Click the below:

Paintball Pictures

And there will be more pictures uploaded into BASS Gallery (photos taken from Yoshi's cameras) soon.

On behalf of BASS, I would like to thank Yoshi for organizing this successful event (sssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeteeeeeeediiiiii YOOOOSSSHHH!!!!!).

Enjoy the photos!!