Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BruONZ - Appreciation dinner 2013

Salam and Hello,

On 20th Jan 2013, Bruonz summer games was officially closed with overwhelming games performances from all states. Not to mention how BASS family members played well throughout the games and made us proud.

As most of you know, there would be a Bruonz appreciation dinner to take place this week. We are very lucky in this year of the Snake (according to Chinese Zodiac) as for the first time, Sydney was chosen to conduct and organise Bruonz games and appreciation dinner. 

So come on people, please make this year the most exciting and the biggest appreciation dinner Bruonz ever had. It would be a great time for BASS Alumni to come along to bring those Sydney nostalgia back to life. It would also be a great time for everyone to have a chit-chat while enjoying a guaranteed mouth watering, deliciousness and marvelous tasty foods and beverages while watching live performances by all states.

Appreciation dinner (2nd February 2013)

Time: 7.00pm - 12pm
Venue: Tarindak Hall, Polo Club Jerudong
Attire: Traditional / Casual (Baju kurongs, baju fesyens and baju melayu are encouraged but if none available then dresses, dress shirts and ties are acceptable)

You may also bring along your mate/mates to the appreciation dinner. As the tickets for the events might be limited, we recommend you to get the tickets the earliest possible. (We won't feel comfortable to say tickets are sold out to you).

* For Muslims, praying rooms are available at the 1st floor, Polo Club.

The tickets for the appreciation dinner will be sold by our authorised and friendly committees tomorrow. The details on how to get the tickets are as follows

Appreciation dinner ticket sales
Date: 29th January 2013
Time: 2:15 - 5.15pm
Price: $28 per paxx
Location: Cheezbox, The Mall Gadong
2 people to look for: Azimah Jofri and Nabilah Ibrahim

For those in KB or Tutong and cannot go down for the ticket sales, best to rsvp first on facebook or inform the BASS committee in advance before the dinner date. Alternative payments methods such as through BIBD Online, or HSBC are available by request. Please be informed on-door tickets are sold $4 higher.

Thank you and see you all