Thursday, July 31, 2008

Like a record on repeat *UPDATE*

For those of you who don't know what's going on yet..we're getting a visit from the Minister of Education along with his entourage. So, if you've got any burning questions you wanted to ask..the dinner would be a good time. =p

Day,date: Friday, 8/8/08

Time: 6:00PM (Arrival of Students), Event starts at 6:45pm

Location: Park Hyatt Hotel, Circular Quay. Full details of the hotel's location can be found here

Dresscode: Smart casual aka Semi-Formal. Chicks..baju kurung or long trousers. Dudes..same thing..trousers =D

Any questions, tagboard simpan. =)

Monday, July 28, 2008

WELCOME 2 SEM 2 2008

Assalamualaikum and gd day!

The BASS admin would like to give a sincere welcome back to Sydney (for those returning from overseas) and a happy start of new semester (UNSW) to everyone. So fast time flies and already half the year is gone. Hope everyone had a well enjoyed and well rested holiday. It's back to waking up early and restless nights from this point on for those commencing their studies. Sadly, not all of us will continue and instead will be headed back to our beloved homeland Brunei in a just a few days.

AIRUL -our former unofficial leader and original creator of BASS has finished his studies in Sydney and will be heading back to Brunei on Thursday. So to give him the proper send-off to the working life, there will be a POTLUCK held at NENA/YAZID/FAIQ'S place on Wednesday at 5pm onwards.

So if there is anything you wanted to say or confess to airul or any duit kn dtagih or CLUEDO rematch you want from airul, PLEASE DO COME! As this is a potluck, please bring your own dishes to share with all. For more info and details please contact NENA YAPP.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dua post berlainan


Airul's Farewell yang begitu spesil

Tempat: Faiq Yazid & Nena's ..kalau alum tau dimana...tempat yang malar tani ambush kan buat BBQ..=p

Hari & Masa: Rabu, 5pm (pasalnya memikirkan orang balik skulah lagi apa)

Barang yang akan mbuat kitani kanyang?...Sorang2 bawa their own creations.. i.e. potluck. Canaaaa? Onnn? =D...


Pehin Rahman&Co's Dinner

At: Hyatt Hotel, Circular Quay

Date/Time: 8/8/08, 7pm sharp

Dress: Appropriate for the tempat dan occassion =D

Friday, July 25, 2008

A reminder

Just a quick reminder to those who have paid me for the Disney on Ice show, it will be on THIS SUNDAY, 27th July 2008 at 2:30pm.

We have checked the Sydney buses and found out that the fastest way to get to Acer Arena takes almost 50 minutes or so from CENTRAL station (we will have to take 2 trains and then walk to reach the Arena).

Since most of us are not familiar with the place, please be at the CENTRAL STATION around 11 a.m. and from there we will take the first train available which goes to Lidcombe station. I know this seems too early but we may have to Q up outside the Arena as well and probably have a good look at the goodies and souvenirs available. They should be selling them, shouldn’t they? =P

Anyway, here is the list of names of people that are joining, in case you guys have forgotten.

· Majdi

· Mally

· Bo Jun

· Susan

· Aimi

· Fadhli

· Waznah

· Yazid

· Naz

· Hadee

· Yamin

· Salwa

· Izah

· Nisah

· Amal

And I have the tickets with me already. Hope to see you guys there this Sunday..

On a different note, Happy Birthday Izah... =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's available?

Hello ppl~~~

We're getting a visit dari the Minister of Education & Co. and I'm going to book a place for dinner REALLY siapa available? It'll be on FRIDAY, 8 Aug 08. 7pm.

8th Aug is in pleaseeeeeee tell me if u guys can attend ASAP yeah? Simpan arah the comments part. Pls & TQ XD

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

BSP Employees and Students

I'm posting this on behalf of a fellow student in UK for a research project. This survey is for BSP employees and students that has done their vacation assignment in one of the indicator listed below.

Original message:
Is there any one here working in BSP atm? I need to find out the long form for all the indicator below.This is for my data collection for my research project on evaluating the team effectiveness in BSP.If you know, please let me know.

1)OPM 2) SEN 3) HPD 4)HRS 5) HSE 6) DPE 7)EPE 8)FAC 9)SAV 10)TSG 11)TSM 12)TSW 13)WPE 14)STL 15)IWM 16)IAM 17)MPB 18)ISM 19)IPS 20)SCM 21)EIE 22)HCP 23) MPS 24)DOP 25)BPE

If you are employees of the indicator above, please answer my questionnaire below:
BSP employees questionnaire link

If you are supervisor of the indicator above, please answer my questionnaire below
BSP supervisor questionnaire

Name of the organisation please enter as: Brunei Shell Petroleum
Team ID number please enter your three letter indicator
Team's name please enter as the long form of the indicator

To those who answered the questionnaire by 20th July,three random winners will get the chance to win IPOD Shuffle 2GB(Silver),USB Pendrive 8GB, USB Pendrive 4GB respectively.Please email me at to get the chance to win the consolation gift and i'll put ur email address in a lucky winner pot.

Thanks for your help and cooperation.

PS: Feel free to forward to your friends and family yang kraja di BSP.Need about 100 feedback by end of this month for data analysis.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Stimulate your senses: The Rocks Aroma Festival 2008

Come one, come all! It's that time of year again to go to... kemana nah?

The Rocks Aroma Festival 2008 - 6th July 2008

If it was not for my very dependable housemate and good friend, Aimi, i almost forgot about this and that would be a big no-no because I personally think that the mere absence of coffee is detrimental to my health. Everyone had a great time last year (the pictures prove it!) with $1 shots of coffee or hot chocolate, tea samples, chocolate-dipped strawberries, marshmallows and fruits, hot turkish pastries, bbq-ed corn cobs, cupcakes, nougats of all flavours (who's salivating now eh? hehe) and on top of that, allow your ears to be soothed with live performances.

See you there this Sunday!