Monday, April 24, 2017


A total of 6 groups participated in the event "Lost in Sydney" on Thursday, 20th April 2017. This event is a race between BASS members around Sydney City which tests their navigation and teamwork skills. There were a total of 6 checkpoints and each checkpoint had a mission for teams to complete.

  • Team must consists of 4-6 members,
  • Hints will be given only after all team members have arrived,
  • Hint for the next location will only be given after completion of given games, 
  • Not allowed to use GPS or electronic map, maps are provided!
  • There will be penalty set by BASS committee.
A Whatsapp Group (Lost in Sydney Focal Pt.) was created which consists of two members from each teams and it is their responsibility to relay information to their team members. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

2016/2017 BASS Committee Appreciation Night

On Friday, 14th April 2017, an appreciation night to celebrate the 2016/2017 BASS committee were held in Colombo Theatre C, UNSW. The event is dedicated to show appreciation towards the previous committee for their duties that they had to be responsible for. This event also marked the first event done by the newly appointed BASS committee of 2017/2018.

Thank you bomBASStic COMMITTEE! 💣💣💣