Monday, April 24, 2017


A total of 6 groups participated in the event "Lost in Sydney" on Thursday, 20th April 2017. This event is a race between BASS members around Sydney City which tests their navigation and teamwork skills. There were a total of 6 checkpoints and each checkpoint had a mission for teams to complete.

  • Team must consists of 4-6 members,
  • Hints will be given only after all team members have arrived,
  • Hint for the next location will only be given after completion of given games, 
  • Not allowed to use GPS or electronic map, maps are provided!
  • There will be penalty set by BASS committee.
A Whatsapp Group (Lost in Sydney Focal Pt.) was created which consists of two members from each teams and it is their responsibility to relay information to their team members. 


At exactly 10:00 AM, digital maps were sent to the Whatsapp Group. 
Note: No exact first location were revealed.

Customized map. 

Map Legend.
The game officially started at 10:30 AM with the text:

First location hint:


PLEASE shout us the word above when u see the committees at the first checkpoint

(Find the first checkpoint!)

1st checkpoint

"Try to get more than 15/20. Penalties given for less than that!"
Can you get everything right?

Next location hint: 

Help! I'm a victim, I'm a prey
hunting me down is worth the money.
My name, they marked it, Hay
Hurry before the bargain hunters find me!

2nd checkpoint
"Find the price of the picture & the booth number selling the picture given by the committee."

Next location hint:

Use the map legend to help you.
Did you find where?


3rd checkpoint
"Choose 2 out of 5 games, and win both games!
Penalty given for every loss."

1. Telepathy Game: Two options given, you and your friend must say the same choice out loud.

2. Guess the song: Committee will read out the lyrics to a song, try singing the chorus!

3. Beat the committee: Throw your shoe closest to the bottle.

4. Relay Charade: Form a line and pass the act, last person will guess.

5. Find someone from Asia who is taller than the tallest person in your group. Take a picture as evidence!

Next location hint: 

At this place you'll find a museum nearby,
Big water feature dripping with its fan of water, 
Surrounded by varied sights and sounds of green iconic,
And sculpted figures that appear almost real.


4th checkpoint
"To find 12 strangers that will let you use their cellphones to text 'I am lost in Sydney' to one of committee's number.

For every 4 texts you send, you will receive a clue of numbers :) which will be given once the 12 texts are sent. The numbers you collected are the 3 numbers in the combination of the PADLOCK. Try different arrangements of the number until you find the combination that opens your lock. 

Can you work out the code??"

Next location hint: 

Sonic can run fast.
A shark can swim.
Godzilla can roar.
However, all three share a common trait.
And so they build a home.

5th checkpoint
"Get a random stranger to be in your video and say 'BRUNEI SIOK!' with your team."

Next location hint: 

Belmore park marks the start, now the race reaches its final part,
Of all place I can be, I'm in a place of tranquility.
To finish the race you need to persist, this final location is where you will turn and twist.
Are you smart enough to find me? I might be hiding behind a tree.
Not only I see greens and water, I also see towers, lowering behind a tree.
If you can realise, once you see us you'll be surprised.
Can you find the final checkpoint? The puzzle will tell you my location pinpoint.
A new beginning to mark the end of
Lost in Sydney.

6th checkpoint
Task: (Finally!!!) 

"Find Mr. President and Mr. Vice President"

Plot twist: They changed clothes and got a new haircut after meeting them at the first checkpoint 😥

Congratulations to the winner! Team: Catalisa.
Runner Up: Harbourne Men.
Lost Girls.

CE juniors represent.
When you can't find any table... 😂 

Kind stranger helping with mission. Thanks!
Another one!

Such a sporting family!

Mission to find a tall Asian at Tumbalong Park. Pass? Fail?

Lost girls literally?

Checkpoint 3. 

Team senior doing the charade. 
Yes. Finally sitting down. 

PE juniors.

After almost 5-hour race, finally some rest... Hehehe.

The backbone of the race.
 (Missing: Winnie)
Thank you all for participating! 
We hope you enjoyed being 'Lost in Sydney'. 😌


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Foot race all the way.

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