Monday, April 30, 2007

DRM clobbers Almost for Third Win

It was a 5.15pm kickoff for the match between DRM Sydney and Almost this evening at the Unigym's Multi-Purpose Hall. Many of our ecstatic supporters almost got excited with Hafiz's attempt for a goal in the 3rd minute. But it was Fadhli that scored the opening goal in the 6th minute. But of course, having the attributes of being macho and hensem (or so he says), he was hungry and scored again only 2 and a half minutes later.

Supporters were roaring in the 9th minute when Asqa pulled a "1996 Beckham move" when he scored from almost the middle of the hall. The 4th goal for DRM was by Hafiz when the ball slipped passed under the armpit of the goalie. The number 1 defender, Majdi kept up the DRM defence with our Yazid as the super goalie!!

Opposition broke our defence when they scored in the 11th minute followed by another and another bringing the score to 3-4 to Almost. By half-time, Almost was trailing by just one goal.

After the quick pep talk during halftime by Sulhi, DRM came back with 3 more goals by the duo, Asqa and Fadhli helping hand in hand sure to have made Almost's goalie dizzy. DRM's spirit was unleashed when Sulhi and Hafiz scored another three and one goal respectively to bring the score to 11-3. Even though Almost slipped a fourth goal in the remaining minutes, DRM secured another victory.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Going back to Kaybee, Baaaby

Bandar Seri Begawan, Is not the place for everyone.
'Cause I love - that's right -I love Kuala Belait~

Hahaha, this is great.

Monday, April 23, 2007

State of Sydney - 2nd Quarter 2007

Dear Comrades,

These are indeed more difficult times we are facing here in Sydney. Australia is suffering from the worst drought since reliable records in 1910. in In an alarming statement by Prime Minister John Howard last week, he would cut water supplies for agricultural irrigation if there aren't any sufficient rain within 2 weeks. From here, stems 2 major problems:

a) Global warming is apparent. And its time to stop putting blame on oil companies and blame consumerism instead. Cutting down forests, gas emissions, oil companies dont do it. it's consumerism. hail multinational oil corporations, hail shell, hail Jeroen van der veer.

b) Aside from that, this means that water supplies would be cut for agricultural purposes in the Murray Darling Basin, which supplies half of Australia needs. Do you remember when bananas shot up to $14/kg last year? Well, imagine all veges costing that much. We will all eat junk, and get fat together, which is already sexy. An apple could cost $2.00 each, suddenly eating healthy isnt sexy.

Prime Minister John Howard is adamant about keeping the low interest rates. This means we would surely expect the continuation of consumer price hike. Economist for Consumer Goods Division, Sulhi highlighted this worrying trend. This was also highlighted by '60 Minutes show' where everyday goods have risen by 20% since last year. E.g. toilet paper has increased by 50%. I Kid you not, those paper towels are getting expensive, my god. I'm contemplating to use my GEOS and CEIC notes instead, the cheap ones feel like the GEOS and CEIC notes anyway.

Furthermore, wth current market of the housing industry, rent is going to be up between 10-40% pending on area. Randwick city being one of the most densely populated, would expect sharp rent price.

a) If your place is below 190/week, stay there unless you find a sweeter deal somewhere else.
b) If your place is below 175/week, unless its a roach infested whorehouse, you have got to be crazy to move out.
c) It's good to consider university accomodation. Eventhough you wont live with each other, but that's alright, i suppose.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sydney La Familia has grown

Thanks for all the volunteers, helpers, cleaners, cooks who made the last BBQ session we had a real great success. There can't be individual thanks, it seems everyone contributed one great way or another and it's a really nice sight to see. Well done, thats what socialist anarchists are all about!

Not forgetting a Happy Birthday to the April babies.

Thanks to fellow ASSes like Doris and Susan and an honorary ASS, Webby (look for the only white guy in the picture). Apologies to Hadi of East Ryde, it seems that weve forgotten to invite him, we wont repeat that mistake again.

The event also highlighted the changing of guards for several positions, mainly:

-BASS Box admin from Airul to Waznah
-DRM Captain from Sulhi to Asqa
-Head Coffee Lady & Refreshments (CLR) from Ummi to Nazurah. Huhuhuhu
-Promotion of 'Chibi' to 'Padwan' for 2nd Year.
-Promotion of 'Padwan' to 'Jedi' for 3rd year Students. Nazurah regretfully remains as 'Chibi'
-Promotion of 'Jedi' to 'Village Elders' or 'Master Jedi' for 4th Year Student. With the exception of Airul, who changed to a 'Darth' instead. Darth Aerius, heh heh heh heh...

It's a pity not everyone could come, but then again, we got other more important things to worry about.

For pictures, head to the side bar and click on 'BASS Gallery'. Pictures are courtesy of Yazidy demi god!

I wish you all a great time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Admin

As per my announcement last BBQ, Waznah is the new admin. Waznah, check out your blogger, you should have the admin priviledges. woohoo

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Indoor Football League Schedule


From 16/04 to 14/05, some of BASS boys will be competing in the MSO Indoor Football League

DRM (BASS's team) will play 1 match EVERY MONDAY at 5 pm. DRM opponents for the upcoming weeks are listed below:

16/04 (2nd match f the day)
DRM vs YWK Fantasia

23/04 (1st match of the day)
DRM vs Village Green

30/04 (3rd match of the day)
DRM vs Almost

07/05 (3rd match of the day)

14/05 (2nd match of the day)
DRM vs Black Balls


Indoor Football League Starts TOMORROW!

Datang lah beramai-ramai untuk menyaksikan pertanding bolasepak dalam dewan di mana
DRM akan beraksi menentang YWK FANTASIA
pada jam 5++ petang
betempat di UNSW Unigym Level 1.

Berikan sokongan yang padu kepada pasukan kitani!!

p.s:ada sapa-sapa mau volunteer jadi cameraman?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Party with Rain!


Party this Friday night with international superstar, Rain.
Venue : Prime @ Veranda
Want to get on VIP list?
Cell : 0414888122

i feel this post is very advertising. sorry <333

Monday, April 09, 2007

We are LISTED!!

Gday everyone,

As from today, we are listed in blogging nation!


April Babies' Birthday Bash

For those under the sign of Aries and Taurus, another year has passed. The Earth has done another revolution. For Leena, Bo Jun, Fylaz, Mizah, Waznah, Ummi and Fuzzy, they are now a year older, wiser and at most, lovelier with age. To celebrate them, let's have a get-together and go around the world with our tongues with western BBQ, italian-reminscent pasta and the mouth-watering Venetian tiramisu, among the delicacies on the menu for the night.

To make this vision a reality, AUD$7.00 needs to be paid to Sulhi by this Wednesday (11th April 2007)

The things you need to know,
What: Birthday Bash for April Babies

When: Saturday, 14th April 2007 from 1600 hrs

Where: The humble abode of Airul-Sulhi-Yazid

Hope to see you there. Many happy returns for the day for those turning a year older. Semoga dipangjangkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki - AMIN ~

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh So Cool!

I've been wondering around on the net and came across some Bruneian blogs, and I have this idea of joining blogging nation to boost out popularity. Most probably we would be the first Bruneian blog with gazillions contributors. It's just a suggestion, what dya think Airul?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Taronga Zoo

Where: Taronga Zoo:
As I have not been to taronga zoo yet I would like to go be4 I leave and hopefully see a koala. if anyone would like to come along leave a comment.
When? TBA.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ice Skating

When: leave at 1:00 pm Tuesday 10th April.2007 ( The session starts at 3- 5pm)
Where: Macquarie Ice rink.
How to get there:
Cost? $~17

If you don't know how to get there then follow me:
Adib 0415961779
Bring extra sox

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Due to low enthusiasm Climbing has been cancelled. sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

MSO Indoor Football League

Dear BASS,

On behalf of the DRM team here in Sydney, I've registered a team to compete on the upcoming MSO's Autumn Indoor Football League.

Unfortunately not all of the 'kaki bola' are playing due to the limited number of players that can be registered. Only 7 players are allowed to participate in a team. Firdaus Ular, Aeyo Van Hafen, Emo Kid Faiq, Victor and Hafiz will surely be missed.

The players for this league are as follows:
-Yazid (GK)
-Hafiz (Caleeb joined another team)

The team will be playing EVERY MONDAY starting from Monday the 16/04 playing from 5-7pm for 5 consecutive weeks.

As for the team jersey, we haven't decided it yet. Most probably any shirt as long as it's BLACK, BLUE or WHITE (tbc).

I would also like to take this opportunity ,as the self-proclaimed DRM-Sydney captain, to step step down and handed the responsibility over to Asqa. Hehe (Majdi banarnya, but cakap ia ada problem. Nasib... mun inda....)

Hail to our new SKIPPER!!!

*Players- don't forget to make payment of $15/person before GOOD FRIDAY (06/04)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Voulez-vous regardez un film au IMAX?

From the graphic novelist that brought you Sin City and directed by Dawn of the Dead's Zack Synder, comes an epic film retelling the ancient historic tale of 300 brave Spartans fighting to the death against a million. Action-packed (and not to mention, guys with packs!!) this film will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

"Madness? This is Sparta!"

Rated "R" for graphic battle scenes throughout, some sexuality and nudity.

Bonjour tout le monde!!

What better way to start Easter holidays than to have a BASS family outing? Anyone dying (excuse the pun!) to watch 300, we plan to watch it at Darling Harbour's IMAX theatre.

What: Watch 300 (in 2D)

When: Saturday, April 7th 2007 at 7.30pm

Where: IMAX Theatre, Darling Harbour

Price: AUD$19.00

Those interested, please pay to Fadhli or anyone from his batch BEFORE Wednesday, 4th April COB (1700 hrs bah...). Any late payment will not be entertained (eiseh-man..)

On behalf of 3rd batch (graduates-to-be 2010),
Secretaire Temporaire de Fadhli