Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcoming 2008

Hey you all, it's new years eve, and in the spirit of the new year, BASS BOX has been updated with a new festive banner above. A lot of people are on leave on this day, unfortunately I'm not one of them, so to those reading this in the warm comforts of your home, please stayed tuned for a special new years post tomorrow - "remembering 2007" covering the many BASS highlights of 2007 which includes paintball and failed terrorist plots. Seasons greetings to all and hope you all have a wonderful new year.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gaya mau tau!

The BruOz football games commenced last weekend at Padang Kebajikan under the very hot afternoon sun. Our team, DRMSyd, arrived one by one wearing their new jerseys proudly. Trademark numbers were imprinted on most players’ jerseys including no. 445 (Fadhli Saedon), no. 27 (Majdi Jasni)…there was even a unique name on Don Airul Hafneh’s jersey “McHafneh”! Sydneysiders were also there to lend their moral support for the team arriving with containers full of sandwiches and cameras fully loaded, some even staying till the bitter end.

The line up for the day was Captain Asqa, Don McHafneh, “Ular” Oz, Chong, Victor, no. 1 defender Majdi, and strikers Fadhli PC, Abib and Yamin. In the absence of our star keeper, Yoshi, several of the players had to take turns filling in the position. So, Fadhli, Abib and Oz were put to the test that day as both strikers and goalies.

Five matches were played:

vs. Oracle : 1 – 0

Goalie: Fadhli

The match began with DRMSyd executing numerous attacks on the opposing team. Repeated attempts to score by both Oz and Abib were saved by the “kabal” keeper of Oracle. On our side, Fadhli kept the spirits cheerful by playfully saying “(name of opposing player) buruk~~~”, and focusing on his new role as rookie goalie by successfully saving several of Oracle’s goal attempts. By the end of the first half, neither team managed to score.

Yamin played in for Oz, and it took a while for the team to get back into momentum. Majdi’s killer free kick managed to keep the Oracle goalie on full alert, when it hit the goal post. Attack after attack, and still no goal! These attacks came at a price for Oracle’s goalie. Abib kept kicking the ball as if aiming for the keeper’s head since it hit his head twice! Then, close to the end of second half, Abib took a corner kick which was then deflected to Yamin. The unusually quiet player saw the opening and WOOSH~~~GOAL!

vs. Griffith All Stars: 0 – 2

Goalie: Abib

This was a bitter match with Griffith scoring a goal in the first minute of the game. The opposing team was clearly on the offensive the entire time, testing Majdi’s defending skills. Thankfully Abib recovered quickly from the initial shock of Griffith’s early goal and managed to squash many of Griffith’s ‘angan2’ expectations of scoring any more. Opportunities were opened and lost to DRMSyd many times with some of our players “caught ball-watching”, as told by Asqa. Shouldering the responsibility of team captain, he gave a short peptalk to the players pointing out improvements that could be made by the team for the following match.

Seriousness of the match aside, it should be known that Asqa pulled a superman stunt while furiously fighting to gain possession of the ball one-on-one with the Griffith player during the second half. Just when he thought the ball was finally his, he sprinted to get it and tripped over the Griffith player’s outstretched leg..practically ‘flew’ and landed face-down on the ground. Ouch! Superman banar eh…

vs. Maestro: 2 – 2

Goalie: Oz

By this time, it was already late noon. The weather was freakin' H-O-T! We made the mistake of sitting down on the bench and suffering from the consequences, i.e. a burning backside! Although, compared to Yamin's reaction to the heat, Airul didn't seem to mind. It was clear his mind was focused on the game. Baru ia Rul~~ So this is what happened in the third match:

DRM lead the game with a 1-0 score in the first half made by Fadhli. Maestro quickly equalized, building up the intensity of the match between the two teams. Play was very tight, with Maestro players on the offensive. Focus was put on centre field where Faiq a.k.a Chong tried to keep constant possession of the ball while being surrounded by at least 4 opposing players like a bunch of wolves. He did liven up the atmosphere of the match when he misaimed a pass and yelled out in surprise. Still at a 1-1 draw, DRM fought to get another goal. And then..there it was..just the chance that the DRM strikers needed. With two Maestro defenders covering Abib and Asqa, Fadhli stood unmarked behind them. A skilful pass and swift kick later, DRM supporters whooped for yet another goal made by Fadhli! Maestro counterattacked then and thankfully many of their attempts were saved by Oz. Unfortunately, they eventually managed to get through the DRM defense and scored an equalizer towards the end of the match.

vs. Papz: 1 – 3


During DRM’s counterattack to Papz within the first few minutes of the match, Abib managed to score a goal for the team shooting squarely to the bottomcorner of the goal. However, the highlight of the game would have to be the Oz incident. If the matches DRM played were to be ranked according to the talur-est, this would top the list. While DRM continuously tested the defense line of Papz, Oz was “busy” socializing with people standing on the sidelines. So, when the ball whizzed past the DRM goalie’s head straight into the net, the look on all the players’ faces to find their goalie talking was one of shock and disbelief. It was such an "out brabis" action to be done by a goalkeeper that they couldn't help but laugh at the mistake he'd just made.

vs. Mixed Suburbs: 2 -3

Goalie: Fadhli

The prospect of winning the ‘cup’ was no longer in the DRM players’ sights by the last game. Knowing full well, it was already out of reach, they approached the last game with Sydney trademark krek attitude. However, funnily enough, it was during this match that some agreed the players performed at their best. Passes were done smoothly, along with a continuous line of attacks against the opposing team. When Majdi scored the first goal, it was celebrated by the players as if they were in a stadium full of hundreds of supporters!!

So how did Abib celebrate the goal that HE shot? Obviously he showed off to all those on the field, the BASS trademark pose patented by Fadhli….the Fadhli pose!

There you have it. Five matches, all played by sydneysiders who were there to have some fun….to obviously make sure gaya came first before winning…and to have some more memorable moments for our beloved football team. =) More pix on photobucket =D

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

BruOz Summer games 2007

Dear all,

I am glad to announce that the details for BruOz is finally finalized (hope there won't be anymore changes).

Date: 23rd December, 2007
Venue: Padang Kebajikan
Time: 10 - 3 pm

Also, for those of you interested in going to the BBQ, the tickets are still up for sale...

you guys (and girls) know where to find me right? right? rightttttt??

I wish DrM Sydney the best of luck in the futsal tourney... ;)

Gossip girl... (hahaha atu prasan... nadawah... obviously kamu tau udah who I am.. nyeh)

Friday, December 07, 2007



Hey you guys, not much updates recently, sorry bout that. Anyways, to all UNSW students, the marks are in, SO GO CHECK YOUR UNIMAIL. I passed, syukur alhamdullillah. Good or bad, the point is we tried and yeah, KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Congrats to those who passed and got good grades and good luck to those still waiting.

With everyone back in Brunei, this website seems to go a little too quiet for my tastes, so I've been trying to think of a few ways to livin it up. I was thinking of weekly polls or contests, with bass related prizes. hahah, we need a budget for that though. Also, what type of news do you guys want posted up here. And to those who have a knack of writing, maybe we can put weekly articles up for living tips in sydney, but all this requires massive feedback from you guys. So what do you think and if you have any suggestion, we're all ears!