Thursday, April 30, 2009

Terminator Movie Marathon

Hello BASSers,

Terminator 4 movie is coming up in the Australian cinemas, so let us have a movie marathon this weekend.

When : Saturday, 2nd May 2009

Venue : 7/62 Houston Road (Fadhli's, Majdi's and Bo Jun's place)

Schedule :
  • Terminator 1 : 1.45 - 3.30 pm
  • Terminator 2 : 3.30 - 6.00 pm
  • Terminator 3 : 8.00 - 9.45 pm

If you are soo free please come and stay for all the 3 movies, otherwise either 1 or 2 is fine =)


On behalf of,

The 7/62 Houston Road Residents.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Three wins in a row! BASS (5) vs Chun Sin (0)

BASS started the match well and got an early corner. Hafiz spotted Majdi unmarked in the middle of the field and Majdi did a 'Gerrard' when he smashed home a powerful shot past the opponent's goalie for his first goal of the tournament. 1-0 to BASS! Man of the match Hafiz then scored with two well-taken goals to break his scoring duck after failing to score in the first two games. Like what an Oz bloke would say, 'Goodonyamate! (good on you mate!). Chun Sin responded and created some chances but the BASS goalie Zarif made some important saves. Qasman almost gave the opponents a perfect gift when he gave away the ball cheaply in the middle of the field but luckily the opponent's striker shot wide. Yamin and Asqa then completed the rout to give BASS a 5-0 lead going into halftime.

The second half was a messy affair for BASS and the opponent controlled the game for most of the time. It was a nervy moment for BASS and their supporters when the opponent hit the post three times in quick successions. Abu, who was having a quiet game made some good clearances. On the sidelines, the supporters duo, Aimi and Ka Suhara became part time coaches and cheerleaders. BASS had their fair share of good chances but Fadhli and Hafiz were guilty of failing to capitalise on any of the chances. BASS held on and the scoreline remains 5-0 until the final whistle.

Here are some of the pictures from the match.. Sorry for the poor quality..

Warming up..

BASS players in action..

Team photo after the match..

Supporters and part-time coaches..

All in all, it was a good game for BASS. It was disappointing not to score in the second half but at the end of the day, it's the win that matters. Next up for BASS will be a match against SSA on Friday, 1st May 2009 at 3:30pm. Hopefully, more BASSers will show up in the next match. *ehem ehem*


Gaya mau tau, main mau tau! =D

Kapitan Bula

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We won again! BASS (5) vs Apan (2)

The BASS futsal team had their 2nd game of the MSO Futsal League last Friday and won 5-2! That's 2 wins in a row for BASS and let's hope we can continue winning till the end of the tournament. Our next match is on Monday, 27th April 2009 at 9pm.

Here are some pictures from the match..

The supporters..

The team...

Good job mates! Keep up the good work! 
To the supporters, thank you for coming! Very much appreciated =D

Kapitan Bula

Friday, April 24, 2009

MSO futsal tourney, Match 1: PAAN vs Brunei

Hello mates,

Here's the first match report which is slightly overdue due to unforeseen circumstances (=p). The first match for Brunei's BASS futsal team was against PAAN, one of the malaysian teams in the tourney. Here's a summarised info on the team and the details of the match:


* Zarif (GK)
* Majdi
* Asqa
* Abib
* Yamin
* Fadhli
* Zahrin
* Qasman

Final results:
Brunei BASS 7 - 1 PAAN

1st Half (2-0)

1st & 2nd goal:
First goal was scored by Qasman which he described as being lucky since the ball accidentally deflected off his knee and went passed the keeper into the net. A fierce war cry followed which in turn uplifted everyone's spirit even more.

The second goal for Brunei BASS came from Qasman as well with an accurate top corner shot which again was followed by another fierce celebration. Both of his goals wouldn't have been true without the assist by Asqa's precise and accurate passes.

2nd Half (7-1)

1st goal conceeded:
The goal came after a miscommunication between the goalkeeper and one of the defenders at that time. One of the opponents came rushing in at the loose ball which the goalkeeper tried to clear but failed which in the end led to PAAN closing in the gap between the scorelines.

3rd goal:
BASS players continued to pressure the opponent’s defence in order to create more goals and widen the scoreline. Fadhli’s shot proved to be fatal as it deflected off one of PAAN’s defenders and gave BASS a 3-1 lead in the match.

4th goal:
The fourth goal was executed by Yamin with a very cheeky flick which again boosted the team’s confidence and morale. Again this was made possible through Asqa’s assist.

5th goal:
One of the best goals of the match which saw precise passes and vision which leads to a marvelous combination between the BASS players and led to the 5th goal which was again scored by Fadhli. It started from Majdi -> Asqa -> Abib -> Fadhli (goal).

6th goal:
Brunei BASS continued their rampant pressing which in turn led to the second last goal of the night. This time it was done by Asqa following an assist from Fadhli.

7th goal:
Zahrin scored the last goal of this exciting match which wasn’t possible if it weren’t for Majdi’s long and accurate pass. The long pass was ended with Zahrin’s superb trademark goal which he deemed as “kalok” (Heheh).

All the players did a very good job even though they were nervous at first. Their performance can be described as an exponential function after the 2nd half started (batah kn panas heheh). Not to forget, our goalie which denied PAAN’s several attempts to score to get back into the match. Congratulations to the BASS players for a superb performance in the first match!

Here are the figures (true as of 20/4/2009):

Qasman - 2
Fadhli - 2
Yamin - 1
Asqa - 1
Zahrin - 1

Asqa - 3
Majdi - 1
Abib - 1
Fadhli - 1


Gaya mau tau, Main mau tau!

p.s. Happy Yoooooooo!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

All smiles..

All smiles..

.. from lastnight

For those without facebook.. click herehere for pictures...

Thank you Naz for the treat.. I'm sure everyone had a great time... :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


OI OI OI, to all futsal fanatics (which means 99.9999% of Bruneian males and others), proud to announce the participation of BASS FUTSAL TEAM in the MSO AUTUMN Futsal Tourney. We have been gratefully accepted into the tourney, thanks to the quick registration of the futsal peoples. Learning from the mistakes of Olympics to register early! BANGKITKN BALIK NAMA BRUNEI ATU!

Anyways, this post is a little late due to an oversight by me. Do accept my humblest apologies.

HeREING are the details for other Bruneians Males out there in Sydney who are interested in joining in:


TIMES: MONDAY, 9PM til 10PM and FRIDAY, 330PM til 430PM



  • 1 team consisting of 8 players
  • 5 players to be participating in the field of play
  • Rolling substitutions allowed
  • The referee’s decision is final and there is to be no recourse toward the decision/s
  • Each game is played over two 12-minute halves with a 1-minute interval between
  • Be punctual. Being more than 5 minutes late will result in a forfeit.
  • You must have at least 3 players on the field to play.
  • All rules are based upon the rules & regulation stipulated by the Federation International Football Association (FIFA)
  • The team that wins the soccer event will be calculated on points accumulated according to the points system.
  • In the event of a tie, head to head outcome will be the 1st determining factor and if draw, goal difference will be taken into account.
  • If both points and goal difference are equal, the overall points for the event will be split between the winning teams.

  • Win = 3 points
  • Draw = 1 point
  • Lose = 0 points

The first match was last night, and the BASS futsal team had an epic win of 7-1 against PAAN (Malaysian Team?). Mr Zarifdana will be posting a match recap later on in the day. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR FIRST WIN ESPECIALLY FROM ME AND THE REST OF BASS. Keep it up! BRUNEI BOLEH-YAKIN~ YOU CAN DO IT ALL NIGHT LONG!

Here's the Match Schedule for the entire tourney:

Friday 17/04/2009
3.30 pm – Apan v. Kampung United (2-1)
4.00 pm – Kampung United v. Chun Sin (2-2)_________________________________________
Monday 20/04/2009 (W6)
9.00 pm – Apan v. SSA
9.30 pm – Paan v. Brunei
Friday 24/04/2009
3.30 pm – Kampung United v. SSA
4.00 pm – Apan v. Brunei
Monday 27/04/2009 (W7)
9.00 pm – Brunei v. Chun Sin
9.30 pm – Chun Sin v. Paan
Friday 1/05/2009
3.30 pm- Brunei v. SSA
4.00 pm – Paan v. Kampung United
Monday 4/05/2009 (W8)
9.00 pm - Apan v. Chun Sin
9.30 pm - Chun Sin v. SSA
Friday 8/05/2009
3.30 pm – Paan v. SSA
4.00 pm – Kampung United v. Brunei
Monday 11/05/2009 (W9)
9.00 pm – Apan v. Paan

I will try my best to send everyone updates and coverage of this event. To all BASS SYDNEY SIDERS, show your support by coming to watch the matches if you can!

With that, assalamualaikum.

Monday, April 20, 2009

On their day...



to the 2nd batch of BSP's Petroleum Engineers on their Graduation Day today..

On behalf of BASS, I wish you all the best in your working life.. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What went on today?

Firstly, thanks you to Ka Suhara and Ka Liyana for organising the get-together just now, loads of fun, food and foxtel (three f's). Just what we needed before we get back to *ugh* uni tomorrow.

Ka Suhara (Right) and the fantastic delicious homemade food (except the cake lol), THANK YOU

Also, a very SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KA LIYANA! Here's the vid of the celebration:

Happy Burfday as well to Ramizah and Waznah who couldn't make it today. We all wish you luck on your thesiseses. Easter Break is over... back to work everyone! See ya all around. XD

What we did that night!

Heheh, kes inda mahu kalah.

Luna Park 09. Hurricane Ride, Cloverfield style. Hwaaaaaa

Friday, April 17, 2009

What we did this morning...


The point where we screamed "Oi Oi Oi"

Thank you Yamin for organizing. And guys, you were awesome!

And to qoute last year's climbers.. 
"I've climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.. HAVE YOU?"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Majlis Makan-Makan

Assalamualaikum and Greetings to Bruneians in Sydney :),

We would like to extend a cordial invitation to everyone for a feastful thanks giving ceremony in conjunction with (Ka)Sahara’s move to a wonderful new abode of peace, (Ka) Liyana's extension to proceed to a PhD and in the appointment of the new Ketua Kampung (and I guess thanks giving for everyone here). Free-flow of drinks and food (err) will be provided. Anyone wishing to bring along extras for everyone to feast on are more than welcomed to do so otherwise just come along and have a relaxing day.

Venue: Flat 29 Forsythe Street, Kingsford
Date : 19th April
Day : Sunday
Time : Lunch 12:30pm.

(P.S: Sorry the actual unit no of the flat is not disclosed here for security reason), however please contact either me (Liyana) or Suhara for further details at the email addresses below.

Anyone who has nothing exciting plan this Saturday are most welcome to help us out with the preparation of the "makan-makan". The more the merrier.

To the newly appointed Ketua Kampung, would you bless the ceremony with prayer of thanks?

Feel free to contact us:

For those who add us to their facebook can contact us there too.

Monday, April 13, 2009

UPDATES on Blue Mountain Trip

Hello everyone,

As the title speaks for itself, I was unofficially assigned to organize a trip to Blue Mountain. So for those of you who have not been there and are keen and excited to explore more of the Blue Mountain, you are most welcomed to join us. The more the merrier. :)

The details are as below.

When: 18th APRIL 2009 (This Saturday)


Please be at the Central Station by 8:00 a.m. I was informed that the train ride to Blue Mountain would take approximately about 2 hours. So if we were to be there by 8:00 a.m., we can then take the train that leaves the Central at 8:18 a.m. (The next train available to Blue Mountain would be an hour after that). Click here for the train schedule.

Ticket *UPDATE*:

The Blue Mountain Explorer Link ticket would cost you for AUD$51.00 (The AUD$29.20 ticket is for concessions only. SORRY!!!). This ticket includes return (same day) CityRail travel to Katoomba Station with all day access to the Explorer Bus.

Once we reach there, we are going to exchange our CityRail ticket for a Scenic Pass ticket with and additional payment of AUD$28.00. This ticket includes the Skyway, the steepest Railway, the Cableway and the Walkway rides.

So the total amount for transport to Blue Mountain is AUD$79.00.

Things to see and do:

Blue Mountain offers wide range of activities - from bushwalking to visiting the Chocolate Factory to getting onto the world's steepest passenger railway. For more info on the great attractions that the Blue Mountain has to offer, click here.

So our meet-up point for that day would be at the Central Station. Please RSVP this event by putting your names in the comment box or the chat board by this Thursday so that we can do the headcount.

Thank you.

Friday, April 10, 2009



With 41% votes from BASS's members.. This is our new ketua kampong!


hehehe.. Congratulations Ketua!

Any complaints and dissatisfaction regarding the result tidak akan dilayan.. :)

The new ketua kampong will start his duty today.. But first, he will go on for a vacation to Cairns with the former Ketua Kampong.. hmm, politics.... So any concerns and matters that need his attention will have to wait until Friday..

and oh.. Before everyone leaves for Cairns, Melbourne and road trips, I'd like to say..

Happy Holiday people!!
Enjoy your trip and stay safe...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Jamberroo Final Road Trip Plan

Hey ho all you roadtrippers yo! After several discussions, rethinks, repricing, cancellations, bookings and researching, Ka Suhara and I have finally come up with the final plan for the Jamberroo Road Trip taking place on the 11th of April on to 12th of April.

First and foremost, the thing nearly everyone seemed never satisfied with, is the final price.

CAR RENTAL (WHOLE TRIP): $ 46.00++ (Not including fuel and excess charges)
ACCOMODATION: $63.00 (Saturday Night)
JAMBERROO ACTION PARK: $37 (Entry and All ride Access)
OTHERS: $20-$50 (Food and Drinks)

TOTAL : $170 ++

So if your going on this trip, just bring $200, should be enough to cover everything insyaallah. Next is the actual trip plan.

Above is the proposed route we are taking for day one.

University of New South Wales, Kingsford. Please be at the pick-up point before 10am and sediakn all your barang. Pack lightly (clothes for two days, swimming, and toiletries). NO SUITCASES. I will charge you a excess baggage fee if you do! Also, if you don't want to spend alot, pack some food and drinks. The first day we are going to be in the car alot, so wear comfortable clothing and bring entertainment (book, handheld game, mp3 player, pillow). I know the car is a bit small, so I will try to arrange a lot of pitstops as possible.


Bankstown. My 1st proposed pitstop for the day. There are a lot of halal restaurants around this region including fast-food (MCD and KFC), so we can stock-up or have some breakfast/lunch here.


Blue Mountains. Looks like blue mountains is on again. Ka Suhara and I decided to put it back on cause that was the whole point of renting the car in the first place. Mostly be sight see-ing. Lau sempat, there is this apple farms closeby, and we can try freshly baked apple pies. Nyum.

PIT STOP 2 (7:00-7:30 PM)
Campbelltown. Dunno what exactly is here, but its the best place to stop en-route to jamberroo. Take a half an hour to stretch your legs and refresh yourselves. Theres a shopping mall here too i think, wouldn't hurt to check it out.

ACTIVITY 2 (9pm onwards)

Check in to the Harp Deluxe Hotel, Wollonggong. This is a fairly standard hotel. I've already booked 5 rooms, 2 person per room . The description is as follows:

"Harp Deluxe Hotel. Just 100 metres from WIN Entertainment Centre and Stadium and the Crown Street Mall. Located in the centre of Wollongong's restaurant and entertainment strip. Great value! "

We can probably have a late dinner and look around a bit. Rest, Relax and have fun.


We are going to spend the whole day at the park. Not sure what the check out time is, but dont have to worry since the park and hotel is not that far from each other. Its Sunday of Easter weekend, so its gonna be crowded and its better to buy the tickets beforehand. I havent bought the tickets yet, so I recommend you guys buy of the net. Here's the address:

Please notify me once you bought the tickets. I didn't do it cause it'll be too much hassle collecting money from you guys. Just print them out once you purchase it and don't forget to bring it on the day of the trip!!! If you have trouble with buying the ticket, please contact me aite!

No deadlines here, the park closes at 5 and we are free to go whereever we want by the end of the day. So this part is still open to discussion. We don't have to go back at 5 either, if we leave earlier we can still make it to the royal national park north of wollongong. Lots of stuff to see there!

Anyways, thats the plan and the price. We're happy with it. I'll see you guys on Saturday! ROOOOAD TRRRIIIIIIIIIIIP!



SYLVESTER KHENG who turns 21 today and also turns out to be our designated driver for the trip (just in time). Hair is not included as shown in picture above.

Also a ,


ABU ZAHRIN PHD, who turned 20 last Friday. He got a phd for crazy language, so proud.

Hope you all had a good one. Cheers!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Daylight Saving 2009.

Just a reminder for all,

Daylight saving for NSW will end tomorrow morning (5th April 2009) at 3:00 a.m. (Technically, LATER at 3:00 a.m.). Once the clock strikes 3.00 a.m., the clock will be put to an hour earlier. YEAY!!

bah that's all.. Don't forget to change your alarm clocks and watches and laptops (if they are not automatically changed).

See you guys tomorrow at 11a.m.. ;)

Friday, April 03, 2009


Hey BASS-syders... 

The time for our annual BBQ is back! The gathering committee is organising the annual get-together this weekend and everyone is invited. So here are the details:

BBQ & Announcement of the new Ketua Kampong

Coogee Beach, Coogee

Sunday, 5th April 2009

The time?
Be there at 11am

How to get there?

From City: Take 372 or 373 bus

From Randwick: You can walk to the beach or take the 372 or 373 bus

From Kensington: Take 370 bus

From Kingsford & Maroubra: 
Take the 400 bus. Stop over at Randwick Jct. & take 372 or 373 in front of Taste of Thai.
Take 370 bus at unigym.

$7 fee is payable to the gathering committee on the day itself. As usual you are welcome to bring any food or junk food. Please inform your year focal point (Qasman, Amal and Waznah) if you are coming or not. OR RSVP at fb invitation. OR leave a msg at the tagboard. This will make it convenient for the committee to make a head count. If you have the new red BASS t-shirt, please please please wear it!

Also we will be announcing the new ketua kampong on the day itself. The voting poll will be closed on Sunday at 7am. So if you haven't placed your vote yet, please do so NOW!! 

See you on Sunday people.. let's hope for a sunny weather!

Thank you,
IT committee


FINAL Jamberroo list

Final list for Jamberroo List:

1. Hadee
2. Chee hwa
3. Qasman
4. Yamin
5. HafiZ
6. Miza
7. Sylvester
8. Wei2
9. Ka Suhara
10. Neena

There will only be two cars. Jamberroo check-in possibly cancelled, so return trip to Sydney will be on Sunday night. 1st day plan most likely beach or national park hopping. Check into backpacker/hotel is still confirmed for Saturday night. Me and chee hwa thinking of camping, LOL. Prices total definately turun. Will post new prices once I settle the rental pricing with is suhara.

Oh and one final note:
Happy Birthday to Mr Habookiiit Abu Crazy talking Zahrin.

I owe you 5 more 'chakra suppressing' pokes. XD