Saturday, September 30, 2006


Hey guys..

Islamic Society will be having an Iftar gathering sempena this Ramadhan.

Come and bring along your friends.

Venue: The Pavillion -- UNSW
Date: 06/10/2006
Time: 5.30pm (to be confirmed)
Price: Free

Hope you guys had a great 1 week break to freshen up for this next 1/2 of the semester.
Best of Luck!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Venue: 27/ Harvard Court

Time: Starts at 4pm


Date: 29/09/06

There will be JUTA-JUTA BBQ chicken wings!!! (xksenku plang... ratus2 saja bnrnya) SO COME!!!!!

If more than 15 ppl come, the cost will be $5 per head!! THE MORE THE MERRIER!!!
= ) = )

Sunday, September 24, 2006


One of our A.S.S is celebrating his 21st birthday today. To Airul, Happy Birthday!! Dengan ucapan, jangan nakal-nakal(hehehhee),blajar rajin-rajin,dan semoga dimurahkan rezeki spaya dapat slalu blanja urang, dan semoga hasrat mu kan menjadi don corleone tercapai amin!

to those who doesn't know who airul is, theez ezz airul..

Coogee Beach

Yesterday was fun!To everyone thanks for coming.As usual hirda<3 and filas<3, please upload the pictures in photobucket. The picnic was supposed to start around 10AM but then it only started around 12ish. To all ASSes pleaseee be punctual next time..ngalih kami tunggu,2 hrs = $4.00 u'know..hehe
Anyways here are the pictures..more pictures in photobucket

Saturday, September 23, 2006

SPE Dinner

here we go..these are the photos from my camera..some photos are in ling wei's camera,so airul can you ask her for the photos hehe,all photos can be found in photobucket album

<3 bish

Friday, September 22, 2006

Picnic at Coogee Beach

Time: 10am

Day: Saturday

Date: 23rd September 2006 (Teachers' Day)

Venue: Read the title

What to bring: Food
Extra clothes
Other picnic materials

Activities: Beach soccer
Main carah

This picnic is our last outdoor activities before puasa. Ngalih kali ah masa puasa. So bring other people too. Meezah bawa nick. Waznah better bring her cuz. The more the merrier. Please come untuk bangsa, negara dan agama. Do not forget to tell everyone.

Ooh yea, mesej saya for this coming puasa. Maksud puasa ialah menahan diri dari makan, minum dan perkara2 yang membatalkan puasa mulai dari terbit fajar saddiq sehingga terbenam matahari.

So janganlah minum air dalam tandas.

Thank you... woohoo

You know who i am... hensem kali ah...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Hi all,

Pictures of PESS Kebab day will be out as soon as i get to rip them off from ash or nino. Too bad i only managed to eat 2, the second one was just too bloody much for me. Thanks for showing up and giving support to PESS. The rest can go to hell, just kidding haha.

I've gotten positive response for the dinner from some of you and that's great! This IS our annual dinner after all.

So far, i know faiq, Sulhi, Princess Ling Wei, Diing, Hensem boy Fadhli, Majdi, Bo Jun, Ummi including myself are people most likely to go. I'd sure like to hear from you guys as well.

Its not TOO formal, i mean, wear a decent shirt and nice pants and im sure you'll fit in. I don't plan to pimp myself. Ummi planning to wear baju kurung, which i think is a marvelous idea.


at least, thats whats told in MY contract.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Annual SPE Dinner 2006

Hi everyone,
SPE is going to have it's formal annual dinner. This is pretty much as close as you can get to an engineering school ball. I've looked at the menu selection and the description looks great! but Inform me early if you require halal food!

This is a SPE dinner.. so don't expect any partying in that dinner. But since we're on a night out, might as well go for after parties. The price for this dinner is the lowest compared to past years due to generous sponsorships so don't miss out.

What: SPE Annual Dinner
When: Friday, 22nd September
Where: Royal Automobile Club
Circuar Quay, Sydney

Main Speaker : Phillip Moore
Managing Director, Sydney Gas

Graduate Speaker: Rohan Gouge
BHP Billiton Petroleum

Price : $50. Please confirm by 19th September. It's important to register by then so we can inform the venue how many people require halal food on the event.

RSVP: Either me or Felix Booth ( ) by September 19th.

See you guys there!


Monday, September 11, 2006

Just a Reminder

Dear all,

I attended SPE meeting this morning, which reviewed good and bad points of the past SPE technical lunch on 7/09/06. One of the things pointed out was that several tables were getting quite chatty or rowdy during the speaker's presentation. I can't hide the fact that some of the noise came from our table, while the other noisy table was the table full of first years next to where my table is.

I did my part by trying to remind some of you to keep quiet during the presentation but apparently, you could still hear the conversations continue on. Guys, just to remind you that doesn't mean the lunches and dinners are student organised, it falls out of distinction in being a professional event.

In much simpler and straightforward terms: Shut up when the function is going on, especially when presenter is presenting. Professional behaviour is expected. You're all Shell students for fucks sake.

Serious issue?
For you, maybe you can't feel it. But other students rely on that event to get contacts for future IT and job opportunities. It's easy to generalise petroleum students with actions of a few.


Friday, September 08, 2006


Pictures during tahlil 2006

check out more photos by clicking here

SOME OF us!!

That's our "tetamu undangan" specially shipped from brunei fendi and the some of syd-bruneian.

feeqah,hirda, najaa-faiq and naz


feeqah,hirda,najaa-faiq,oz, majdi

1/2 of ummi-fendi,fadhli,aimi,waznah,feeqah,hirda,oz

Monday, September 04, 2006

Yassin/Tahlil together

Friday, 8 Sept '06



Things to bawa
Buku yassin
Tikar smbyg

Baca yassin followed by tahlil.
Sembahyang Isya
(siapa yang sudi jadi imam, silakan hehe =) )

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Festival Sunday!! (and Saturday Coogee)

Yesterday 03/09/06, there were 2 festivals held in the City. Malaysian Fest in Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour and Spanish Festival on Kent Street!

Foods from the stalls at the Malaysian Festival was.... GILA NYAMAN KALI!! MAU LAGI!!! haha..

Anyway... our (some of BASS members) main purpose were to give support to our STAR!!! Presenting.... the talented FIQAH~!!!!! She sang 3 songs; Sinaran, My Destiny and Teman Tapi Mesra! Stedy yaw~~ (cakap orang Brunai).


Below are some photos taken from the Spanish Festival. (fotos from Malaysian Fest will be posted up as soon as Aimi pass the photos to me or into the BASS-BOX photo bucket).

More photos in here.

And on Saturday, 02/09/06, some of us decided to have a day out at Coogee Beach. The weather was perfect for a beach day out.

After Brunei Vs Indo beach soccer fun game.

airuls contradiction~ (this IS an announcement btw)

quote from Mr. Airul:

(By the way, please post up announcements only. This isnt a blog

posted by Airul at 8:46 PM (Thursday, May 11, 2006))

hahaha.... so wud u call the one below an announcement?? hehehehehe~

jgn mrh airul~ sajaaaa--- told u its special-- made just for u~~



Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hj. Mahmud's new film. Exclusive on bass-box

Hohohohohohoooo... and you guys thought there were only 3 matrix movies. You're dead wrong.


Friday, September 01, 2006

DRM Sydney in World Cup

Hi guys, these are the pixes from the mini world cup in Coral Park, Maroubra. Enjoy!!
(Click on pictures for larger size!!)

More pixes can be found here

No coin. Rock paper scissors with the Malaysian lanun

Dauz, Cheerleader Miz

Fadhli and Dauz

The great wall of DRM Sydney- Yazidy the best keeper. Ever.

Faiq, Ling Wei wearing Doraemon colours, Airul van Hafen

Cheerleaders Bish and Ling Wei

DRM Sydney group

Warming Up

Maj, Faiq and Van Hafen in action