Monday, January 31, 2011

BASS BruONz Performance 2011

Here you go guys, our performance for the 2011 BruONz Dinner.!!! Thanks to Bella Nabilah Murni (Moi) for capturing and uploading the video. Big expectation for next years performance! Lol

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tell Ya Story Australian Photography Competition

G'day Mate,

You might find this one interesting. The Tell Ya Story Australian Photography Competition is open to Bruneians who are currently studying/ working/ are former students of Australia. The closing date of this competition has been extended to 31st Jan 2011 which is 12 days away from today.  The details of the competition can be found below. Good luck  :)

The ‘Tell Ya Story’ Australian Photography Competition is an opportunity to document your memories and time in Australia, through photographs!!
Whatever your experience in Australia, we want to see your photos and hear the story behind them!! We are not looking for the best photo in terms of photographic quality but the photo that most captures the essence of student’s time in Australia!!
The competition is open to the Brunei – Australian Alumni Community and any non-member Bruneians that are currently studying or working in Australia, or are former students who have returned to Brunei.
  • Entries submitted must be relevant to the theme and judging will be based on the most relevant entry to the theme rather than the most ‘photogenic’ photo. Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity in relating to their experience in Australia.
  • Entries submitted must be in both print (8″ x 12″) and digital raw or jpeg format (at least 3,000pixels), either in black and white or colour.
  • Entry to the competition is FREE of charge and each participant can submit up to 4 entries.
  • Prizes will be awarded to TOP 5 best photos and include digital cameras, external hard drive and other great prizes.
  • Entries submitted must be a single work of original material taken by the participant for the purpose of the competition and must not have been used or published before.
  • All entris submitted (winning and non-winning) shall become the property of the B-AAA and Australian High Commission. By entering the competition, participants agree to have their submitted photos used by the B-AAA and Australian High Commission for any publicity purposes without fees or other form of compensation.
  • The organiser is not responsible for any lost or damaged entries.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
All entries must be submitted to Peta Pike, at the Australian High Commission by 4.00pm, 31 January 2011. For further inquiries, please email

Another update on BruONZ Badminton

Salam and Hi again,

I've received an update from the organisers. The time for badminton has been changed and it will start at 9am on Friday, 21st of January which will start at the same time as the netball event. They said that the men's category will start at the morning and will continue after the friday prayers whereas the women's category will be in the afternoon.

Just for your information, the Sydney badminton team consists of 3 mens doubles and 3 mens singles. GO SYDNEY! haha


Friday, January 14, 2011

An update on BruONZ Badminton

Hi all,

there is an update I just received from the organisers. They've changed the badminton event to include all events! Which are:

1. Men's singles
2. Men's doubles
3. Women's singles
4. Women's doubles
5. Mixed doubles

It's $5 per person per category. So if a person joins both men's singles and doubles its $10 altogether for that person. So apa lagi, JOINNNN! hahah inbox me or text or call me at 8882156


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bencana di Queensland - Email dari Pihak Suruhjaya Tinggi Brunei di Canberra

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

Pihak Suruhanjaya Tinggi ingin memaklumkan kepada kesemua rakyat Negara Brunei Darussalam yang berada di Australia dan di Queensland khas nya agar sentiasa berhati-hati dan berjaga-jaga memandangkan bencana yang melanda pada waktu ini semakin teruk.

Adalah disarankan untuk mendengar dan mematuhi apa jua arahan yang diberikan oleh pihak yang berkuasa bagi menjamin keselamatan abiskita semua.

Sama-sama lah ketani berdoa agar diri dan harta benda ketani semua selamat dan didalam lindungan Allah S.W.A jua.

Jika ada sebarang kesulitan dan apa-apa jua sila hubungi Pegawai Konsular Zainuddin Zainal ditalian 0406863397 atau email

Sekian Terima Kasih

For latest update/information please go to: 

New updates

Salam and Hi everyone,

Below is the summary of the updates/new information we received from the BruONZ committee during the meeting just now:

- Deadline for registration and payment of the sports is on the 16th of this month which is this coming Sunday

- The dinner reception is as mentioned before which is at Sutra Hall, Rizqun International Hotel for which the ticket would cost $20 per person

- The committee would need/prefer the payment for the dinner reception to be made by the 23rd of this month

- As usual, they require each states to give a performance which would last for a maximum of 5 minutes

- They also need volunteers (2 people or more from each states) for the events which would include all the events (futsal, badminton, netball, dinner reception)

- New rule on futsal which allows import players so that the total number of teams would reach at least 10

Things we need to sort out for now which is of the highest importance:

- List of people joining each of the events and payments to the focal points (TOP PRIORITY)

- Looking to have the final list and payments by Friday or Saturday (as some would be in KB) (Maybe we could pay for them first?)

Other info:

- I think the volunteers for futsal mcm jadi referee n stuff n others, especially the dinner reception, would be informed to us by the committee at a later date

- Any questions or comments or such, do feel free to approach any of us or the ketua kampong or myself


p.s. If I left anything out tambahkan ah bu? Haha

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Some points we discussed


my batch had a quick discussion a few days ago. Here are some of the points we discussed:

  • 2 different coloured jerseys needed
    • Main jersey
      • Currently surveying for cheap and nice jerseys
      • So far jerseys ranges from BND18 to BND23
      • Deadline for survey, Sunday 9/1/2010
      • Question: Will one person buy for everyone from that one shop or does each person want to buy themselves?
      • Question: How many altogether and respective sizes?
  • Second jersey
- Use our own jerseys (be it clubs/national/normal sport shirts) but of the same colour

  • Question: Need jerseys?

  • For netball and futsal
  • Planning to buy 2 cartons of 100 plus and 1 box of water first for netball
  • Leftovers bring for futsal (Buy more if not enough)
  • Using BASS’s funds
  • Question: Who has a coolerbox that we can borrow?

Focal points
  • Futsal – Qasman and Shafiq
  • Netball – Nisah and JJ
  • Badminton – Zarif
  • Tasks?
    • Registration for each events
    • Kumpul duit
    • List down who will be joining (Deadline end of next week, 16/11/2010)

Dinner reception
  • Will be asking whether there are any performance needed from each of the states

Other points that I forgot to put or salah buat please do correct me hahah. Also discussion boards have been set up in FB for each of the events so that people can tell if they want to join and also discuss on some matters. Also, lists should also be done in each of the discussion boards and updated as we go on.

Thanks and salam


Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Salam everyone,

enjoying the holidays so far? Or is it "too long" and you don't know what activities you should do? Don't fret, BruONZ is back!

As per the previous two years, this year's BruONZ event will include sports and a dinner reception. The sports event will include netball, futsal and badminton!

In this event, states will go head-to-head which would be based on a "points system" in which each states would gain points from the respective sports. The final state with the highest points gained would be crowned the champ!

So with this, lets make Sydney proud! Come and join the events! Do check BASS's facebook and blog regularly as we will update them as we get closer to the event. We will be meeting up soon to discuss how BASS will approach the event. Updates will be made as they come along. Below are some info on the events:


Date: 23 January 2011, Sunday (9.00am-5.00pm)

Venue: UBD sports complex (indoor courts),

Tungku Link, Gadong

Registration Time: 9.00 am

Kick-off: 10.00 am


Date: 21 January 2011, Friday (9.00pm-3.00pm)

Venue: UBD sports complex (indoor courts),

Tungku Link, Gadong

Registration Time: 9.00am

Play starts: 9.30am


Date: 21 January 2011, Friday (2.00pm-8.00pm)

Venue: UBD sports complex (indoor courts),

Tungku Link, Gadong

Registration Time: 2.00 pm

Play starts: 2.30pm


Date: 29 January 2011, Saturday (7.00pm)

Venue: Rizqun International Hotel, Sutra Hall Level 4


Ticket price: To be Announced shortly

Below are pictures to rekindle the "semangat" from last year. Lets bring back and maybe intensify that "semangat" this year!


p.s. Izinkan aku pakai gambar2 ane from FB yeps haha