Saturday, January 08, 2011

Some points we discussed


my batch had a quick discussion a few days ago. Here are some of the points we discussed:

  • 2 different coloured jerseys needed
    • Main jersey
      • Currently surveying for cheap and nice jerseys
      • So far jerseys ranges from BND18 to BND23
      • Deadline for survey, Sunday 9/1/2010
      • Question: Will one person buy for everyone from that one shop or does each person want to buy themselves?
      • Question: How many altogether and respective sizes?
  • Second jersey
- Use our own jerseys (be it clubs/national/normal sport shirts) but of the same colour

  • Question: Need jerseys?

  • For netball and futsal
  • Planning to buy 2 cartons of 100 plus and 1 box of water first for netball
  • Leftovers bring for futsal (Buy more if not enough)
  • Using BASS’s funds
  • Question: Who has a coolerbox that we can borrow?

Focal points
  • Futsal – Qasman and Shafiq
  • Netball – Nisah and JJ
  • Badminton – Zarif
  • Tasks?
    • Registration for each events
    • Kumpul duit
    • List down who will be joining (Deadline end of next week, 16/11/2010)

Dinner reception
  • Will be asking whether there are any performance needed from each of the states

Other points that I forgot to put or salah buat please do correct me hahah. Also discussion boards have been set up in FB for each of the events so that people can tell if they want to join and also discuss on some matters. Also, lists should also be done in each of the discussion boards and updated as we go on.

Thanks and salam


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