Friday, February 29, 2008

For the lateness

Anyone Up For a Half Marathon?

I think i nearly died in the 14km City2Surf run last year, with no training whatsoever. Was wondering if anyone is up for this one...

What: Sydney Half Marathon
Where: 21km, Hyde Park to Hyde Park taking through beautiful places of Sydney
How much to register and When: Monday 3rd. Price not yet confirmed.
When: Sunday 21st May


State of the Union 1st Quarter 2008

Fellow Bruneians,

Another year, another increase in prices in consumer goods. With the increasing oil prices, we are facing a momentum of price hikes across the board. This was another summer of disappointment as we've failed to get allowances increase, it seems we have to brace for another year of high overhead costs for everything. For government and self funded students, we wish you luck, respect. For those who are considering, please reconsider.

Most noticeably when you arrive in Sydney is the increase in public transport fares for the 4th consecutive year. It now costs $3 one way to the city and $1.80 to nearby suburbs. Even good ol oporto has seen a 10% price increase. A similar price increase can be noticed with general everyday items with fruits still remained unchanged. However, fun items like clothes and useless stuff are actually getting cheaper. Thank god for Nasi Goreng, menu prices are unchanged.

Housing is now also major issue at the moment. I don't know what in the world happened but it seems that getting decent priced house is more competitive than getting good marks. With Asqa and Hadee still struggling to find a place and having 10 groups of people showing up for a housing inspection, it really reflects how tight situation is. Aside from the overwhelming demand, average housing rent has certainly gone up over the years.

With regards to analysis of the housing situation, Asqa has quoted, "Baie kali eh..."
With regards to advice for late comer students finding a house, Economist Airul was quoted saying "You guys are f**ked"

In 2004, it was approximately A$170/per week per person for the Kingsford area and you can secure one just a week before session starts, now the listings are showing an average price of A$190-$250/week per person. Living outside uni boundaries is starting to look like it's not an option anymore, start considering far suburbs and transport costs.

How are situations in the surroundings of Ryde near Macquarie Uni, Abib? *nudge nudge*

If you are planning to move out for next year and save up, then i seriously recommend staying at University apartments. The university housing price rates are still way below street average and are more stable. Priority for Barker apartments is given to International students, so hopefully you'll be able to get it. Applications for Barker apartments for next year closes every August. If you are looking for catered apartments, there is the Shalom college, tight-prison like rooms but i was informed you can get halal food (they'll end up serving you vegetarian food, i bet).

for more info go to the Housing Office Website

For new 1st year juniors, with you coming so crazily late. You better start praying for easy accommodation.

Another thing to consider is to consider is the 26 year high for the Aussie dollar versus the US dollar. To those who are still holding to the *ahem ahem*, now is definitely not the time to exchange them as street prices will rip you out for a nearly 1:1 exchange rate. The same thing for Bruneian dollars, DO NOT exchange your Bruneian money in Australia. Current exchange rate, even at the Casino is around 1.5-1.6 to the dollar. If you have Bruneian money, exchange it on a midweek in Brunei, estimated to be about 1.35 to the dollar.

Cheerios, Hope you guys have a good picture of Sydney before coming here. I'll look forward to see everyone.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Making Ties That Last..

I've uploaded the pictures from our Away Day. Some of them turn out good but not so for some others. But I hope you enjoy them nevertheless. Sorry to those who went back early cause we forgot to organize a group photo during the morning session so you could be in it. There's always next year, insyallah but still don't worry Naz, you've got enough pictures sudah =p Those who have pictures of today's event, do upload them as well..

Click on the picture below to enter gallery.. Eseh..

To the organizing committee, especially our 'ketua darjah', Amal.. well done!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Hi Guys

I heard some of you guys will be heading back to Sydney quite late. Just to let you guys know you might be missing one of Sydney's biggest parade, the mardi gras. This year promises to be a bigger celebration with the parade celebrating its 30th anniversary. Should be a good one!

When : 1st March 2008

Huhuhu. Menyasal inda pergi.