Friday, April 24, 2009

MSO futsal tourney, Match 1: PAAN vs Brunei

Hello mates,

Here's the first match report which is slightly overdue due to unforeseen circumstances (=p). The first match for Brunei's BASS futsal team was against PAAN, one of the malaysian teams in the tourney. Here's a summarised info on the team and the details of the match:


* Zarif (GK)
* Majdi
* Asqa
* Abib
* Yamin
* Fadhli
* Zahrin
* Qasman

Final results:
Brunei BASS 7 - 1 PAAN

1st Half (2-0)

1st & 2nd goal:
First goal was scored by Qasman which he described as being lucky since the ball accidentally deflected off his knee and went passed the keeper into the net. A fierce war cry followed which in turn uplifted everyone's spirit even more.

The second goal for Brunei BASS came from Qasman as well with an accurate top corner shot which again was followed by another fierce celebration. Both of his goals wouldn't have been true without the assist by Asqa's precise and accurate passes.

2nd Half (7-1)

1st goal conceeded:
The goal came after a miscommunication between the goalkeeper and one of the defenders at that time. One of the opponents came rushing in at the loose ball which the goalkeeper tried to clear but failed which in the end led to PAAN closing in the gap between the scorelines.

3rd goal:
BASS players continued to pressure the opponent’s defence in order to create more goals and widen the scoreline. Fadhli’s shot proved to be fatal as it deflected off one of PAAN’s defenders and gave BASS a 3-1 lead in the match.

4th goal:
The fourth goal was executed by Yamin with a very cheeky flick which again boosted the team’s confidence and morale. Again this was made possible through Asqa’s assist.

5th goal:
One of the best goals of the match which saw precise passes and vision which leads to a marvelous combination between the BASS players and led to the 5th goal which was again scored by Fadhli. It started from Majdi -> Asqa -> Abib -> Fadhli (goal).

6th goal:
Brunei BASS continued their rampant pressing which in turn led to the second last goal of the night. This time it was done by Asqa following an assist from Fadhli.

7th goal:
Zahrin scored the last goal of this exciting match which wasn’t possible if it weren’t for Majdi’s long and accurate pass. The long pass was ended with Zahrin’s superb trademark goal which he deemed as “kalok” (Heheh).

All the players did a very good job even though they were nervous at first. Their performance can be described as an exponential function after the 2nd half started (batah kn panas heheh). Not to forget, our goalie which denied PAAN’s several attempts to score to get back into the match. Congratulations to the BASS players for a superb performance in the first match!

Here are the figures (true as of 20/4/2009):

Qasman - 2
Fadhli - 2
Yamin - 1
Asqa - 1
Zahrin - 1

Asqa - 3
Majdi - 1
Abib - 1
Fadhli - 1


Gaya mau tau, Main mau tau!

p.s. Happy Yoooooooo!



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