Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to Sydney 2009

Hey you guys, been long due for an update here at bassbox. Now that my holidays are over, hopefully I'll have time to give you the heads up of what's going on around Sydney. First of the firsts, we have 7 new Bruneians (4 girls XD) joining our bass community. MOE scholars students taking chemical engineering, please welcome:

Amal(password paling panjang sdunia), Aliya (without a H), Hilmi (malay version of Victor), Bee Ting, Nieza, Max and Adid. Please ignore wei2 and mr.kheng, not important.
These 7 students are also still looking for permanent accomodation, so do help them. On another note, I want to welcome back all returning students to Sydney, I do hope you had enjoy your holidays. I also hope you don't have swine flu (gila brunei atu). Stay healthy and keep warm. Happy studying people!
rumour mill:
Owh, I've heard there's a new Bruneian coming to study Petroleum Engineering. Anyone know who it is and whether she's settled in or not?

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