Sunday, August 16, 2009

SEM 2 HOLIDAY ROAD TRIP (5 Days 4 Nights)

Heya guys, this is a rough draft of the sem2 holiday road trip as planned out by Mr Ng and Mr Kheng. It takes place from 6th to 9th Sept and has trips to hunter valley, reptile park so on and so forth. As a majority of us are fasting, this limits us to sightseeing and less 'streneous' activities. If you want to look up for more info about the places we are goin, search for it at google. lol, cheers

6th Sept – 9th September
Proposed Plans

Day 1 Sunday
6th September

09 30
Meet at pick up point
10 00
Depart for Australian Reptile Park
11 00
Arrive at Australian Reptile Park
16 00
Depart for Hunter Valley
18 00 onwards
Dinner and Check in

Day 2 Monday
7th September

09 00
Meet up/Breakfast
10 00 – 18 00
Visits to winery and cheese factory and chocolate factory plus sightseeings
18 00 onwards
Dinner and free time to explore

Day 3 Tuesday
8th September

09 00
Meet up/Breakfast
10 00
Depart for port stephens
11 30
Arrive at port stephens
12 00 onwards
List of activities to be decided
-Shark Feeding
-hunter wetlands
-fighter world (aircrafts)
-lighthouse cottage
-macadamia farms’
-botanical gardens
-dolphin & whale watching
-guided koala walks
18 00
Dinner and check in

Day 4 Wednesday
9th September

09 00 onwards
Continuation of the list of activities stated above

Day 5 Thursday
10th September

09 00
Meet up and depart for Sydney
11 00 (optional)
Aquafun water activities
12 00 onwards
Travel around Sydney CBD
17 00
Car Return

For more information on Australian reptile park, hunter valley and port stephens please refer to the websites stated below

The rough estimated expenses for this trip includes

Meals: 60 – 90
Car Rental: 70 – 90
Accommodation: 100 – 120
Activities: Undetermined ( ~150)
TOTAL: 380- 450

The above expense list is just a ROUGH GUIDE on how much you’ll probably spend throughout the whole trip.

The plan above is just a draft so changes are highly possible so if you have any doubts or suggestions please leave a comment.

Please leave your name if you are interested and try to confirm by the end of next week (22nd August) as prices of accommodation and transport may rise as we approach the holidays.

Lastly, we would do our best to locate halal restaurants to eat so you do not have to worry about not having any proper places to eat.

Thank you

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