Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ITEMS up for GRAB!!!

Hi everyone,

I would like to offer you some stuffs for FREE~~~!!!!!

The items are:

- 2 bookshelves
- 1 small cupboard
- 2 bedside tables
- 1 IKEA metal drawer rack (3 drawers)
- 1 IKEA table

For your info, it's first come 1st serve =)

Siapa yang mahu sila e-mel: aimi.zawani@hotmail.com

PS: This items can be pick up from my house after 11/11/2009 =)



Fadhli said...

Fadhli masih ada:

1) Laundry bag
2) Towel rack
3) Hangers
4) Rice cooker
5) Pillows

All free. Anyone interested, send me an SMS.

Anonymous said...

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