Friday, March 05, 2010

Welcome..... Back!!!

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!!

I hope everyone's had a great summer back home. BASS-BOX Admins apologise for the lack of updates over the holidays but now we're back! True to BASS's traditions, there's no better way to start the brand new uni semester other than a makan-makan gathering :) This gathering is to welcome the new students  to BASS family and it'll be a good opportunity for catch up session for the returning students..

To new students, welcome to Sydney!
To returning students, welcome back!

Whether or not you're happy to be here in Sydney let's share it cause that's what BASS is there for..

So on to the details..

BASS's first 2010 gathering

Sunday, 7th March 2010, 2pm

Miza, Lyla & Zalehani's crib 
(please drop a comment if you need the address)

It's gonna be a potluck gathering, so feel free to bring any makanan suits for an afternoon tea but do let us know what you're bringing in the comment box.

See you all there!


Salwa said...

salwamal bawa tiramisu & sheperd's pie.. insyallah.

brett said...
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D L PY said...

maybe ayam masak merah hehehe


Houston Lady said...

we'll bawa bagadil as per requested