Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New Bass President and Committee 2011/2012 announcement

Salam/Hello to all:
Congratulations to Azimah Jofri for being selected as the BASS president 2011/2012. Quickly following her is Adrian Boon who was selected as the vice president. Both were out of words but did manage to express on how thankful they are to be selected and they were looking forward to how this year will pan out with of course the help of the new BASS committee and the BASS society itself. Speaking of the new BASS committee, there are the five new focal points whom will work together with both the president and the vice president in matters concerning the well being of the students here in Sydney and the activities that will be held from this day onwards.

Not forgetting the freshly retired president and his vice president, Abu Zahrin and Zarif, we asked from them on how they feel about the new reign. They responded well by saying that the new committee will do just fine, with God’s willing.

 It was a night filled with food, laughter, and more food. We would like to thank Ms. Idariani Damit for attending our humble gathering, to Abu for organizing the Solat Hajat in correspondence to the ever-impending (for some, it had already impended) exams and to the society itself for responding positively to this event. On behalf of the committee, we wish you all to eat well, sleep well, study smart and ace those exams! Salam

 By Nadine and Yusri

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