Monday, February 03, 2014

BruONZ '14: The Winners

Salaam and hi ladies and gents,

BruONZ 2014 hosted by BSSMelb (Brunei Student Society Melbourne) was held for a period of three weeks consecutively, from the 10th January till the 26th.

The winners for every category were announced in the closing ceremony held on a rainy Sunday afternoon at Bahtera Banquet Hall, Badi'ah Hotel, Batu Satu.

Group pic taken during the closing ceremony. (After BSSMelb)

Here we bring you the list of winners:

1) Futsal

1st place: Melbourne
2nd place: Perth Freo
3rd place: Sydney A

2) Netball

1st place: Sydney
2nd place: New Zealand

3) Basketball

1st place: Melbourne
2nd place: Sydney

4) Badminton

Men's Singles:

1st place: Matthew Foo (NZ)
2nd place: Suan Loong (SYD)
3rd place: Sylvester (SYD)

Men's Doubles:

1st place: Hj Sufian & Hj Rahim (BNE)
2nd place: Suan Loong & Sylvester (SYD)
3rd place: Lau Soon Tiong & Kui (MELB)

Women's Singles:

1st place: Hafizah (BNE)
2nd place: Sofiah (NZ)
3rd place: Syazwani (PER)

Women's Doubles:

1st place: Ena & Zuriana (MELB)
2nd place: Hafizah & Hana (BNE)
3rd place: Fakhriyah & Hazirah (NZ)

Mixed Doubles:

1st place: Ena & Ridhuan (MELB)
2nd place: Zuriana & Hj Riffin (MELB)
3rd place: Elleene & Hafiz (SYD) 

***NOTE: No overall (collective) winner for this year. 

BASS would like to congratulate each one of the winners, be it from the city of Sydney or other cities or states from all over Australia and New Zealand. We would also like to express our appreciation to every one who participated or was involved in BruONZ '14, directly or indirectly. We truly had a good time. Insya Allah, we'l see each other again (hopefully) in BruONZ '15 with more participation and enthusiasm.

News coverage on the closing ceremony can be viewed here.
Press releases on the ceremony, view it here and here.

Last but not least, we would like to thank and congratulate the hosting city Melbourne slash BSSMelb for their impressive work in organising the successful event.

Cheers and ciao.
BASS '13.


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