Tuesday, March 15, 2016

bomBASStic Committee for 2016/17 session

(As posted on BASS official Facebook page)

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh...
Dear BASS members and alumni,
How is everyone doing? I hope all are in good health no matter where you are.
The intention of this post is to inform everyone of the newly elected committee. Before that, the juniors would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts to the previous superBASS committee as well as the rest of the seniors for taking care of us for almost a year. We feel indebted and really appreciate everyone's help in getting us adjusted to Sydney life. the events that you have done for us will forever be part of our beautiful memories here in Sydney.
Thank you SuperBASS committee of 2015/16 session:
President - Nabilah Nipah
Vice-President - Muqsith Yahya
Secretary - Nisa Nadzirah
Treasurer - Aziidah Jofri
Male Religious Officer - Faiz Ace
Female Religious Officer - Ajeerah Julaini
Public Relations Officer - Zakiah Suhaili
Logistics Officer - Firdaus Omarali
IT Support - Ervin Chung
The new committee will try to mirror your enthusiasm and commitment in getting BASS active and running. We will do our best filling in the shoes that you have left us.
BASS members and alumni, I present to you my bomBASStic committee for 2016/17 session:
President - Fazrul Wafiy
Vice-President - Melvin See
Secretary - Hafizah Sim
Treasurer - Yazid Mustafa
Male Religious Officer - Abdul Aziz Haji Ismail
Female Religious Officer - Aida Daud
Public Relations Officer - Christy Hernah
Assistant Public Relations Officer - Abdul Qawi Abdullah
Logistics Officer - Zulfaisal Arifin
Media Officer - Aizat Sam ISamuddin
Together with my other committee members, we also would like to thank everyone who had voted for us during the election day. We will strive our best to make BASS a society that everyone can be proud of. As such, I hope everyone will support and cooperate with the committee. Let's avoid segregation among us and be a happy family! Let me remind you that we are away from our family back home and the only family we can count on here is our beloved friends.
In light of what is happening around us, my main concerns for the society as a whole would be every Bruneian's SAFETY and WELFARE. Working together side by side with Education Atache Unit and Brunei High Commission in Canberra, we hope everyone to not keep quiet and seclude yourself if you encounter any problems. I would also like to urge everyone to report back to me or Melvin See if you are not in Sydney or doing any extreme activities (skydiving, bungee jumping etc.). You are also advised to put our phone numbers as your emergency contacts.
Once again, thank you!
Fazrul Wafiy
President of BASS 2016/17 session

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