Friday, May 08, 2009

BASS boys bring it home

BASS being at the top of the MSO tourney table did not stop today's final game against Kampung Utd (I wondered if it was 'kampung' with an 'o' or a 'u') being riveting and erratic. Just before kick-off, BASS supporters were feeling confident, surely the boys would carry on an unbeatable streak and BASS players were looking fit and feisty filling themselves with a source of potassium - bananas. Captain Asqa had his new socks too and fighting a fever.

Kick-off was a little after 4pm and it looked promising. Yamin's first attempt to score came at 23 seconds but Kampung Utd's defences came up and Zarif was put to hard work. Zarif could not save the one that flew right above his head and the score was 1-0 to Kampung Utd just after 4 minutes. After that came a series of attempts by BASS fuelled by frustration and haste across the futsal court to try and level the score. This included Fadhli swivelling on the floor in order to gain control of the ball and another of Majdi's attempt from the mid-line which missed the top of the net. BASS supporters got on their feet and started cheering for the boys in hopes of keeping the boys' spirits high. At this point, even the common man-triangle did not seem to get past Kampung Utd's defence.

Half-time whistle blew and as usual, BASS boys restrategized in their huddle.

The second half was not pleasant to watch from the sidelines. The boys were very verbal, had furrowed brows and movements were antsy-pantsy. Majdi and Hafiz attempted another few shots which had all the power but no proper direction. The boys looked tired but at the eighteenth minute, the sun suddenly shined as Majdi passed the ball to Fadhli and he scored from the right side of the net.

Now, Fadhli can be a name that should be associated with the term 'Man of the Match' as he dribbled the ball passed Kampung Utd's goalie who made the mistake of leaving the goalpost, two minutes later. Too easy man! Too easy. BASS won 2-1.

Comment Fadhli? "Thanks to the supporters who shouted so much that it made us win... Shouted so loud that it made us tuli..."

The boys also got their medals presented by MSO's president, Kokulananda Makentharan. The pictures are somewhere (hey, I just write). Congrats boys!

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