Friday, May 01, 2009

Four goals makes BASS's fourth win

Thirty seconds before the whistle blew to start off the game between our BASS team and Singapore's UNSW SSA, I turned to Norhamizatulbillah (a.k.a Miza) and asked her if we could win today and she said, "Hopefully...Mesti! Mesti menang!"

Apparently, Miza can add being psychic to her CV.

Team midfielder, Majdi first power kick led to a corner kick but we lost out on the first try at a goal. Forty seconds in, Fadhli's attempt at another goal hits the outside of the goalpost. We were close again to a first goal of the match when Hafiz tried again just after a minute. UNSW SSA proved to be on top of their game when they scored in the second minute and they lead by 1-0. Singapore's lead proved to be a wake-up call for our BASS players when they managed to keep the ball in the SSA's corner and although the Singaporeans seem to tower (yes, in height) above the BASS players, Majdi and Hafiz missed out on two other opportunities to score. If you've noticed, our goalie, Zarif did not have much to do in the first half.

During half-time, BASS players took the opportunity to huddle and re-strategize and whatever El Kapitan Asqa said definitely turned things around.

At 14 minutes 29, Hafiz's golden foot chipped the ball passed SSA's goalie and the level of excitement of BASS supporters (Nisah, Laila, Miza, Hadee, Salwa, Kak Suhara, Amal and Aimi) was measured by the surge in noise. Then, 30 seconds later, Majdi scored a goal that can only be comparable to David Beckham's 1996 Premier League goal from the halfway line because that's exactly what he did. BASS was on a roll! A minute later, Fadhli managed to bring the score to 3-1.

SSA's frustration was evident when they fought back but Zarif fought back harder and made terrific saves. But when BASS supporters were on their feet and blocking my view, man-of-the-match Yamin scored the fourth goal and as Stevie Wonder would say, THAT signed, sealed and delivered BASS's fourth victory.

When asking Yamin for a comment: "Ngalih eh..."
Captain Asqa: "In the end, we got what we want". Surely, I thought, all these wins were fruits of labour and lots of practice time? "No, not really."

Signing off,
Waznah Ali

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