Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Invitation from Hi-Comm

Dear All,

The Brunei High Commission in Canberra is organising Hari Raya Open House as follows :

Date : Monday 21st September 2009
Time : 15.00pm - 17.00pm
Venue : Brunei High Commission
10 Beale Crescent
Canberra ACT 2600
Dress : National Dress

Everyone are welcome.

RSVP ( 02 6285 4500 ) or through email.


Pg. Ayup Pg. Hj. Othman
Education Attache
BHC Canberra


Salwa said...

Some of the 3rd years PE are planning to go for a day trip on Monday. Ticket costs $25. Anyone interested and wants to join, let Hafiz/Abib know so we can book/buy the ticket together. Please let us know ASAP, so we can RSVP to Pg Ayup.

Hafiz/Abib said...

Guys, wrong info about the 25AUD. Sorry. It costs around 50 to 55AUD..
We are planning to rent two cars. so ideal number of people joining would be around 8 to 10 people. cost approximation is less than 50AUD each. Those who have confirmed with me are: Me, Miza, Salwa, Amal, Hadee, Yamin.

Abib said...

Izah in.and that's 7. hehe

izah said...

oh im in tho :D

Abib said...

Nisah and Lyla in..9!

d440 said...

hey bib. the ubd juniors in. Are you sure it'll be less than 50 per person

Abib said...

give me all their names..we need more drivers :D hopefully less than 50AUD.

Salwa said...

Fiz, kau tu ah yg responsible to email Pg Ayup our names? Thank you. And thank you for coordinating the transports.

Suh said...

Eh kamu.. di mana bayar zakat?

Amal said...

Di Squarehouse, arah surau ada tu box kena simpan.

Abib said...


nombor kitani telah mececapi 20 orang. jadi, 4 buah kerita sudah kitani sewa dan panuh dengan 5 orang penumpang. Kepada Sesiapa yang masih mau jalan ke canberra,bolehlah mencari sekurang-kurang nya 3 orang untok menyewa sebuah lagi kereta.




Our number has reached 20 people. So, we have booked 4 cars and full with 5 passengers each. To those who are still interested on going to Canberra, please find at least three people to rent another car.

The end

Salwa said...

atu direct translation "guys" ahh, haha.. Btw would you post the schedule for that day on bass-box fiz, so people know what time to get ready, where to meet etc..

Anonymous said...

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