Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BASS Get-Together


Assalamulaikum. BASS organised a get-together event for all Brunieans on Friday, 29th March 2013 at UNSW Physics Lawn, prior to our mid-semester break.

Quoting from the event's page, the event's aims were stated as:

 "So.... let's get together, and have a potluck hi-tea, as a kick-off to start our first mid-semester break 2013 together. Let's treat this as a warm up to start up our holiday and 'mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim'. Some of us might have already planned something during the Mid-Semester break, so we'll not touch and leave the break for you all to enjoy."


The event kicked off with welcoming remarks from the newly-elected President, Ahmad Bukhari and followed by a warming-up session led by Goh the treasurer. Before the members were allowed to eat, they had to play some games organised by BASS Committee. Let's have a look!

The Committee members playing frisbee while waiting for more people to come
Lin Siew with the Vice-Pres, Elyn Lim
Goh leading the warm-up session

Our first game: Ice breaking! Membari lamah jantung ni game ah

And membari menangis too!

Our third game: Dodgeball! Siukkkk, we must do this again nx time insya Allah:)

Gadis kecil sedang bermain basikal

They boys all FIRED UP...not. Hahaha

Banar2 usul Khalaf kn go undercover atu 

No one actually took a picture of us playing the second game.. its was a unique game named 'Apa?'. I guess everyone was so immersed in the game that no one actually bothered to capture some pictures. 

ONE MORE THING!!! NADA GAMBAR MAKANAN!! Apa niiiii:( well again, i guess everybody was so hungry we all forgot to click on the camera. 

All in all, we, in BASS, hope that everybody gained something from this event. We hope that it helped to bring us closer, we are a family anyway, kan?:) Alhamdulillah and thank you to those who came. Yg nda dtg atu, you guys were actually there di dlm hati-hati kami;)

And we hope that you all enjoyed the early Easter/Mid-Semester Break!

Thank you Lin Siew for the pictures:)

That's all for now.. Ciao!

BASS 2013.

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