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BruONZ 2013 Overall Winner : SYDNEY!


Assalamualaikum. Its been a while since we last updated the blog... which means that we owe you many stories to tell here! Allow us to start with BruONZ '13 overall results. (we know it happened 4 months ago.) Better late than never, yes?:)

                 Figure 1: BruONZ Official Logo.

Hahaha so much for report writing, we now number all our pictures LOL


2013 proved to be a year for the Sydneysiders after all, as we emerged as the overall winner! YAHOOOOOOO! :DDD

Alhamdulillah!:) Good job well done to everyone who worked and played hard in making the event a success. A big shout-out to the organisers, BASS Committee 2011/2012 for all their hard work! *paging our then president, Nadiah Yaani, and Co.* :)

Let's have a look at the results..

1st: Sydney A                                    
2nd: Perth                                                         
3rd: Melbourne                                       

1st: Sydney A 
2nd: Perth 
3rd: Kiwi (NZ)    
4th: Brisbane

FRISBEE (Let's salute our pink warriors!)
1st: Brisbane 
2nd: Sydney A  
3rd: New Zealand                                                                   
4th: Sydney B

1st: Perth
2nd: Sydney
3rd: Brisbane
4th: Melbourne

Men's singles                                                   
1st: Afi (BNE)                         
2nd: Suan Loong (SYD)     
3rd: Lau S Tiong (MEL)                      

Women's singles 
1st: Hafizah (BNE)  
2n: Annemarie (NZ)
3rd: Zuliza (NZ)    

Men's doubles  
1st: Tan Thiam&Alan (MEL)  
2nd: S Tiong&Harry (MEL)
3rd: Afi&Hazmi (BNE) 

Women's Doubles 
1st: Yen&Annmarie (NZ)
2nd: Zuliza&Faizah (NZ)
3rd: Hanisah&Miza (SYD)

Mixed Doubles
1st: Afi&Hafizah (BNE)
2nd: Suan Loong&Jasmine (SYD)
3rd: Sylvester&Hanisah (SYD)

And the standings are...

     * One gold scores 3 pts, silver 2 pts and bronze 1 point.

We'd also like to congratulate our talented MVPs of BruONZ2013 Summer Games namely Dk Nur Azimah Pg Anuar from Sydney's Netball Team A and Ak Mohd Nasrullah Hakim Pg Abdullah from our futsal team. Well done! And also to Perth's Lim Liang Wei for emerging as the best among the basketballers.

And here is a quick look at Sydney's shirt for BruONZ13. (Jadi model skjp ah Chris, this is the only decent photo of the shirt that we have.) And not to forget, congrats to the person who designed the shirt for us this year. (He/She still wishes to not be named) We ALL love the shirt this year!

Salah seorang peserta futsal Sydney

And so, that concludes our post on BruONZ. All in all, we hope that everyone benefited from the event.. after all...

Ciri-ciri seorang individu Muslim itu adalah seseorang yang kuat tubuh badannya, ataupun dalam bahasa Arab "Qawiyul Jismi" :)

We hope to see everyone STRONGER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER and MORE ENTHUSIASTIC than ever in the next games! Insya Allah.

BASS 2103.

Credits go to Dk Aqilah and BASS Commitee 2011/2012 for the pics. 

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