Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Overdued BruOnz Dinner Pictures


To those who've been wondering (for the past 5 or 6 months i suppose!), here are some of the pics taken during BruOnz dinner held at Polo Riding Club on 2 February 2013.


Performance from New Zealand-ers :)

one of the performers from Sydney, Aziidah Jofri

Sydney's Male Lead Singey, Hidayat

Overall Champion for BruOnz Summer Games 2013 - SYDNEYYYYYY!! 

New Zealand-ers showing their Medals

Group photo from all attendees during BruOnz Appreciation Dinner 2013

Brisbane Representatives

Sydney's Juniors - who are now in their 2nd Year in ITB
New Zealand's Group photo

Sydney Girls

Sydney's Group Photo

BASS hopes that BruONZ continues to strengthen the bonds between Bruneians from all the different states or cities of Australia and New Zealand. (Apart from making us healthier.. and slimmer... and tanner... and then.... fatter again *thanks to BruOnz dinner*) HAHAHA.

Thats all for noww:)

Credits to the professional photographer hired by BASS Committees of 2012/2013

Wassalaam.. ciao! Stay tuned for more updates from us, Bruneians Around Sydney Society!

BASS 2013.

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Yusri said...

Nice update, finally dapat jua liat this photo album.. Good job for the updates :)