Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We "Miss-you'" Day.. Walkathon to Centennial Park.


Sydney, 12th May 2013.

One cold, foggy morning.

18 Sydney-siders.

One crucial mission.

To lose their stubborn fats.

Mission... not accomplished. 

(Cause we did not sweat at all!) *sigh*

Hahahaha. Nevertheless, we all had a good time, Alhamdulillah.

Let's have a look at some of our fresh morning faces!:)

A foggy UNSW.

Adrian's morning smile.

Sandwich chef kami.

Some seem to have forgotten to wear a jacket on the cold morning.

Morning lecture from Goh.

Warming up session before the Walkathon.

Seorang-seorang kelaparan.

Walkathon starts!

Some of the girls! *Ka Nab being the only super-senior present.*

Semangat dorang ani.. bagus!

"Outta my way! Outta my wayyyy!"

Awwww, this one is too cuteeeee!

What are you feeding them, Ying?

Morning smiless:)

Picnic time! *Thank you for the sandwiches Haziq, Jazakallahu khair!* :)

The men all lined up.

Kesian perempuannya, 6 org sja :'( Hahaha

And Nigel says, "It's time to go home!"

Alhamdulillah, things went well, as planned. Seeing the hungry ducks and birds on the cold day reminded  us of a story about Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz who would, during winter season, distribute grains on top of mountains so that "not a single bird in the Muslim countries would starve." And the tradition is still being practiced now in Turkey. Masya Allah.

Thanks everyone who came and joined our mini walkathon!:) To those who didn't, you're very very very deeply missed!:)

Jazakillahu Khair Qilah for the pics.


BASS 2013.

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